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At Tack Media, when it comes to connecting the dots in a digital landscape, we have got your back. A true agile and cohesive full service digital agency that specializes and not generalizes.

Limitless possibilities, unlimited potential.

Full Service Digital Marketing Agency

When searching for an Full Service Digital Marketing Agency, don’t just go for just the portfolio and pricing. We like to focus on workplace culture, day to day interaction, service and mindset. Because growing your brand should be team effort. 

  • Transparent & Honest
  • The Gold Standard of Customer Service
  • A Positive and Happy Work Place
  • Result-Driven and Proactive

iamTack Promise

We know that it really takes a village to manage any growing organization, so why should you settle with a single account manager?  That is why every creative member of our agency is involved and studied-up on the inner workings of all on-going projects, enabling time-sensitive requests to be worked on as a unit and without delay. That way if your “account manager” goes on vacation, you are not left in the dark. This is called the iamTack promise.  #collaboration #transparency #communication 

The Tack Media Team

Tack Media Featured in the Press

Recently featured in a series of 2019 publications in,, ABC's, fit small business, Cision, NBC news, for a recent news pieces in their publications. Tack Media works to contribute to industry news and practices and is the go-to source for many leaders in industry.
We like to flex our creative muscles

What Sets Us Apart

Our experts come to the table with ideas, strategies, improvements, and solutions meticulously crafted and catered to your business needs. We provide our clients the support they need to excel in the digital market. Instead of sitting back and maintaining the current, we engage, discover and innovate to drive our client’s businesses to the top of their respective fields.

  • A positive, employee-centered workplace
  • A digital marketing transformation agency
  • 100% team member collaboration
  • Last-minute requests: 30-minute implementations
  • Chat response rate of 5 minutes or less
  • Daily chat and communication availability

Los Angeles Digital Marketing Agency - Full Service In-House Digital Agency

One of the most active and current digital marketing agencies in Los Angeles that is considered a top choice in quality and trust. Tack is constantly contributing to press, media, and educating its clients on new changes in the space. Tack excels in branding, content creation, web design, social media marketing, lead generation, E-Commerce, SEO, SEM and technical execution.

We are trusted by more than 400 clients

Tack Media is considered one of LA’s most referred Los Angeles Digital Marketing Agency. We’re considered a results driven SEO Firm, a technically inclined PPC Company, and Social Media Marketing Firm that gets social. We are a true hands-on full service online digital marketing agency based throughout Los Angeles that believes in being hands-on. We work with clients nationwide and internationally. 


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Tack Media and its leadership were featured in a piece on marketing relevance by Forbes.

What kind of businesses do we work with?

We have driven countless brands to market. And we have re-energized dozens of brands that needed a little bit of a jolt in the right direction.

Large Brands & Established Company Marketing

Discover How We Can Help Your Business Grow

    Get a 'Non-Sales' LIVE QUOTE on Your First Call

    You won't talk to a 'SALES' person... Speak to a project manager instead

    How does Tack Media Work Differently?

    We Skip the gate-keepers, salespeople, un-necessary screening tactics and get straight to how we can grow your business.

    So lets say you have decided that you need a full ‘digital agency-grade’ online marketing makeover for your company and you are searching the web for one. Then you find out that every agency claims to be a ‘full-service digital agency’ and they are the perfect one for you, but in reality they are ‘partially qualified’ or just good at some things while the bulk of their staff is full of sales people or ‘Account Executives’.  So how do you weed out the sales-heavy commission-based agency and focus on agencies that rely on pure marketing and technical acumen?

    Learn Why Tack Media Is Different

    Ask to Speak to a Project Manager

    We Have a No-Nonsense Sales Person Policy
    What they say


    • I’ve been thoroughly impressed in the cohesiveness of the Tack Media team. They literally finish each other’s sentences. We came from a larger agency, and lets just say, quality over quantity.

      Project Director
    • An refreshingly impressive experience with Tack Media. What I liked about them, they always always answer their phone. They believe in service and urgency, and I can dig that.

      James Beacon
    • Thanks to all the hard work of Tack Media, my business has elevated in the spotlight. I am able to reach more customers, and my phone is always ringing with new business.

      Helena Scott
    • Teleconference meetings
    • 100% ownership of content
    • Honest and Transparent
    • No excuses, just positive results
    • Clear, understandable reporting
    • Honest, ethical agency
    • Digitally advanced yet creative
    • Specialists not generalists

    Connect with Tack

     Our online digital marketing services can help you maintain a well thought out and strategic approach that is adaptable, budget conscious, and encourages increased engagement from your potential customers.   

    Tack Media - Digital Marketing FAQ

    Tack Media's help center provides most commonly asked frequently asked questions that clients ask commonly.

    General Questions

    Common frequently asked questions asked by most new clients. We love to be asked questions, try us.

    What do you specialize in?

    We are a full service integrated marketing agency that specializes in helping businesses grow. As you can see from our portfolio, we have a complete technical and creative staff to carry out various projects from web design, SEO, paid media(Google,Yahoo Bing Ads), marketing automation, development, branding and identity, social media and more.

    How long have you been around?

    We have been in business since 2009, we are a boutique agency that packs a mean punch. We still consult with large and smaller emerging companies.

    Where are you located and Do you work nationwide?

    We have offices in Los Angeles, and San Francisco and work throughout California. We are a full service online digital marketing firm and carry out projects nationwide while maintaining full communication with phone, Email and video chat.

    What kind of clients do you usually work with?

    We service over 20 industries including retail, e-commerce, entertainment, real estate, media, legal, home improvement,automotive, financial, services, beauty, fashion, and more. We provide every marketing aspect for a successful online presence. But we haven’t come across an industry we could not master.

    Technical Questions

    Most clients ask us technical questions to ensure that we have the chops necessary to carry out your technical objectives.

    Do you provide web hosting services?

    Yes, we manage over 800 websites,servers, landing pages and more for our clients and ensure they get backed up, updated and are properly managed.

    Do you use any special marketing tools?

    Yes, we use marketing tools to measure our success by leveraging SEO, online reputation management, competitive analysis, analytics, and ROI based tools. This way we can share the data with insightful reporting and have a competitive edge in comparison what your industry is doing.

    Is your team Google Adwords certified?

    Yes, we have various team members with certain certifications including, Google Adwords certification, SEO certification, and other technical certificates that show their level of expertise.

    Are you familiar with Marketo, Hubspot and Infusionsoft?

    Yes, we use all 3 when it comes to marketing automation, E-mail marketing, Landing Page creation, SMS automation and many other automations that help scale efforts with a lean team. We depend on these tools to help grow you business and save you on overhead.

    Featured Digital Marketing Services

    We provide service packages, and also stand-alone à la carte options that we tailored based on your budget.

    Digital Marketing Agency Frequently Asked Questions

    Tack Media also offers a knowledge base and resources to our clients, including a repositories of web templates, documents, helpful tips and more in our help center. Clients will have everything they need in a unique login portal.

    Marketing Agency Questions

    These are questions we are often asked to give insight to the culture we have in-house and how we work with our clients.

    How are you a different as a marketing agency?

    We are smaller, we are experienced, we drive impactful results.

    We’re a team who leverages our talents and experience to help small to medium-sized organizations grow, in a variety of ways, even it requires us to go outside the scope of work Some of those include, marketing, online reputation management, SEO, Paid Search Media, Web Design, or Graphic work. Most importantly, we do not nickel and dime, we are always available, we are results driven.

    What type of marketing do you do?

    We offer the following services:

    We offer a vast range of integrated marketing services because we believe to truly be successful, you must compliment traditional and digital. Integrated marketing for integrated landscape for businesses. We have such a proven success record with over 400 clients over the past decade, there is probably a case study that coincides with what your business is looking to do.

    How do you work with new clients?

    We work either on a project-by-project basis, or we can create customized ongoing digital marketing plans. We’re flexible and want to ensure that you see the growth and traction in your company.

    What are the most common services you offer?

    Paid Search Advertising – Pay Per Click (PPC)
    Organic Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
    Web Analytics and Traffic Analysis
    Email Marketing
    Video Advertising
    Social Media Strategy
    Google Apps for Work
    Send emails to subscribers
    SEO / SEM / social paid ads
    SEO reviews, recommendations, and implementation
    SEO content creation and re-writes
    Full suite of SEM solutions
    Simple packages and managed SEO strategies, depending on client/market needs
    Retargeting / audience extension
    Video creation and optimization
    Website development
    Mobile marketing
    Reputation management / review management and generation
    Directory listing submissions

    What’s Inbound Marketing?

    Inbound Marketing is a method that uses tailored content to compel potential new customers to make a purchase or complete a sale, which we often call a conversion. The goal is to turn a user that is not familiar with your brand into repeat customers or client for your business through various means of marketing, branding and trust building through various digital channels.

    What does a inbound marketing require?

    A cohesive Inbound Marketing strategy includes a dynamic and optimized website, content offering, various landing pages, strong calls-to-action, tailored emails, and social media presence for social validation. They come together in such a way to make your visitor feel like you’re connecting with them establishing a rapport through your web presence. Once you’ve reached them, they will be more open to taking the next step in the purchase or conversion funnel process.

    How many people work for you?

    We have a team of talented individuals who all specialize in a specific area of expertise. We lean on them as subject matter experts in various marketing efforts that we are conducting and make sure that they explain the process to our clients at every step of the way. Since we are a boutique agency, we have a team of 22 that include, developers, designers, strategists, IT staff, customer service reps and managers.

    Do we need to have an internal marketing person to communicate with your team?

    No, we usually deal with founders or executives who don’t want to have an internal marketing staff. That is why we usually deal with, business owners, heads of departments, or managers within companies. But if you do have a marketing member, that does give you an inside voice to translate your marketing needs from within.

    How will my project be managed?

    We assign you to a project manager who will follow up with you regularly. Our clients receive constant updates and have regularly set meetings ensure that we are continuously making progress.

    What do I need to get started?

    After speaking with a Tack Media strategist, we will have a better idea of what your goals are within your organization. Then we will give you a list of things we need, such as login credentials to your website, social media, and hosting access based on what we have discussed. We will work out the terms of our agreement and we usually send a digital agreement that will help us document our goals on paper and the details of our new working relationship.

    Tack Media Digital Marketing Agency