Why Tack Media is Refreshingly Honest

Tack Media makes it a point to be refreshingly honest. Because there is probably a reason why you're looking for a marketing agency.
We'd like to help our clients skip the error part from trial and errors they've experienced elsewhere.

Why Tack Has Got Your Back: We're Not 'YES' People

Besides being very good at our job and loving what we do. We invest our talent and creative minds into our clients’ business. What we mean by that is, we know there is always an urgency to do better, we understand there is more that can be done, and it is clear to us that we should always innovate.

So instead of always working hard to be the “YES person”, we will instead help explore all avenues, weigh pros and cons and push back if we feel like there is a better pathway to your success.

Your A-Z extension of your In-house Digital Marketing Team

Full Service Los Angeles Digital Marketing Agency

We build new brands. Amplify existing companies. We scale businesses. 

We get this question a lot, ‘We see that you can do it all, but what are you really good at?’ To put it clearly, Tack Media considers themselves a full-service integrated digital marketing firm. Simply put, we connect the dots very well and can seamlessly build a brand, tell a story,  and execute through creative and technology, while making it look easy.

We love supporting and working with current marketing teams

We work with all businesses to help build ground-up presences for new brands, and support existing established organizations who need a strong team to back them. We also love working with existing marketing teams who need a high-performance extension of their existing digital teams . We enjoy supporting incredible managers, directors and VP‘s who are holding it down and need a helping hand. Tack fills in the gaps on what is needed in any organization. We are here to step it up a notch and truly take digital marketing efforts to a more efficient and performance-focused standard.  


Tack Media Overview

Offering a Pathway to Scaling Your Business

Tack media provides a variety of traditional and digital marketing services based out of LA.
We are a full service agency offering everything from web design, print, marketing and day to day support.
Our teams strategize and presents new ideas constantly. We’re not maintainers, we’re disruptors. We measure the increase in productivity and automation within the digital groups of the organizations that we work with to ensure a continuing upward trajectory. This way we can measure if we are headed in the right direction and are being effective in what we do.
Over 4 million dollars saved annually in our clients’ marketing overhead by working with us. We are your partner in-house marketing team for scaling your company’s marketing goals efficiently and cost-effectively without having to hire a robust internal marketing staff which requires a hefty budget.
We not only develop but manage over 800 websites, landing pages, eCommerce stores, servers, and web properties. Our IT staff ensures they are backed up, secure, and maintained regularly for our clients. Because we believe, part of a having the best defense is having a good offense.
We serve over 32 different verticals within 20 different industries. We strive to be the subject matter experts in each of them and make it a point to be ahead of the game by staying up to speed in each space. We like to stay competitive by being the trendsetters influencing the space on behalf of our clients.

We drive traffic, we get results

Our creative approach deliver results and help your business grow revenue through ROI-driven digital marketing services that will make you happy.

Google Local and Paid Services

  • Google Local Business
  • Google Webmaster Search Console
  • Google Analytics Services
  • Pay Per Click (PPC) and AdWords Management

Social Media Services

  • Social Media Strategy and Management
  • Social Influencer Marketing
  • Social Content Creation
  • Social Posting and Automation

Other Digital Marketing Services

  • Digital Brand Strategy
  • Conversion Rate Optimization
  • E Commerce Platform Development
  • Mobile & Tablet Solutions

Connect with Tack

Learn more about our services to dig a bit deeper into how Tack Media
can drive more traffic to your website with a strategic online marketing plan.

Digital Marketing Agency: Proactive, Reliable

Tack media provides a variety of traditional and digital marketing services based out of LA. We are a full service agency offering everything from web design, print, marketing and day to day support. We are a boutique digital marketing agency in Los Angeles; we are nimble and versatile. We stay connected and work as a team with your business.

Our Clients

Top Rated Digital Marketing Services

These marketing services are often most utilized in our online marketing services that go hand
in hand when coupled with most digital strategies.

Our team leverages a proprietary software including the latest competitive analysis tools to build out comprehensive, high-converting paid search campaigns that will drive results.
We help you stay connected via social media. Tack Media creates custom social media advertising strategies on a variety of social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram.
Worried about competitors? After a comprehensive audit of your site from Tack, we will develop a custom tailored SEO strategy will help your business improve in search traffic, rankings, and conversions.
Tack Media Digital Marketing Agency