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The journey of finding a full service digital marketing agency in Los Angeles

So lets say you have decided that you need a full ‘digital agency-grade’ online marketing firm makeover for your small business marketing and you are searching the web for one. Then you find out that every marketing agency claims to be a ‘full-service digital agency‘ and they are the perfect one for you, but in reality they are ‘partially qualified’ and the bulk of their staff is full of sales and incentive driven people.  So how do you weed out the sales-heavy commission-based marketing agencies and focus on ones that rely on marketing firms and technical acumen?  Do you look at the digital agency’s past clients?

How to find a qualified digital marketing agency that is not sales driven and is focused on providing information and insights. Simple, you just look at their initial sales and on-boarding process. 

Do you look for a similar client of theirs to resembles yours? Maybe. So let’s say you’ve gone that far, you call their sales line, and you talk to a sales person, and their sales person tells you what you want to hear and how great they are instead of truly assessing your needs based on a technical and marketing perspective. This is the #1 complaint we hear from our clients who have moved away from a ‘salesey agencies’ where their point of contact is a sales person or account manager and not the ‘right’ person. We’ve been lucky to have learned from other agency’s mistakes. 

Not Sales Driven Marketing Agency
What to look for in a marketing agency in Los Angeels

Tack Media has practiced the ‘Tesla sales model’ even before it was called the ‘Tesla Sales Model.’ We educate, inform, believe in transparency from the beginning. 

Tack Media connects you directly to the qualified technical account managers who will be work on the day to day strategic development of your business. We connect you to our strategic directors, marketing pros, project and social media managers directly so that you can get a fair assessment before you spend weeks scheduling meetings with the gate-keeping sales people and screeners before they give you any valuable information. We believe in the no-pressure Tesla model, where we educate you with information and insight that you need to arrive to an informed decision based on providing you with the facts, that’s the Tack way.

What to look for in marketing agencies before you hire them

The things to look for in a digital agency from the beginning. A look at some experiences that were shared with Tack.

Many clients always wonder and ask what to look for in the top marketing agencies in Los Angeles. We engage in conversation with many businesses, we hear the same complaints over and over. They are the causes of many clients ultimately leaving a digital marketing agency because they feel like they are not being heard, instead they are being serviced like another number at a meat deli. Here are the main complaints of clients that have worked with digital advertising agencies and why Tack is different creative agency in Los Angeles

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"I've never experienced such a more streamlined, direct on-boarding process of my large marketing operation as I did with Tack" - Robert L.
Pushy Sales People

How to choose the right creative marketing agency

Many businesses ask what to look for in the top marketing agencies? Here's our assessment and why we are different.

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