U Care 2020 Free Telehealth Program

Tack Media Leads by Example and Gives Back to Los Angeles Communities Affected By Covid-19 By Partnering With Relieve MD’s UCare 2020 FREE Telehealth Program.Tack Media and its partners roll out a Free Telehealth program for LA residents while it introduces a new affordable Covid-19 proof business marketing program called “Jump Back With Tack.”

Tack Media is partnering with Reieve MD Telemedicine and First Aid Urgent Care, a Los Angeles Urgent Care Clinic to get the word out about their free telehealth services program for those families who have lost their health insurance due to the Covid-19 crisis. Tack Media is demonstrating this by rendering its marketing services at no cost to its medical partners and tapping its partners to do the same. 

Kevin Tash, it’s President of Tack Media says:

“So many people are focused on the problem and the negatives while they should be focused on the solution. It’s time to shift focus on businesses and brands to work with each other and provide value to their communities and help the families of those affected by Covid-19. Because of this, we came up with the ‘UCare 2020 FREE Telehealth Program.’ This will provide some relief to families and individuals who have lost their health insurance or jobs during these difficult times and need to see a doctor.”

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Tack media is urging all of its business partners to do some good where they can in their respective industries, and calling on all organizations capable to do the same. Tack Media and Relieve MD are urging partnering doctors, medical offices, and urgent care clinics who want to give back by opening some available time slots to see patients via telehealth app in their practice at no cost for those affected by Covid-19 disaster or for those who do have insurance, waive their copays. Also any new doctor that needs help in getting setup with a telehealth service, Tack Media will onboard them and set them up for free. Tack Media will also be launching its Business jumpstart marketing program, called “Jump Back With Tack,” an affordable marketing program dedicated to jump-starting or re-energizing affected businesses in 2020. 

“Deferring rents, adding overhead costs, unpaid bills, and expenses and patching them with business loans will not solve the long term problems without a well-thought out long-term strategy. Many of our online businesses seem to be doing well, but it’s those offline businesses that are heavily reliant on walk in traffic that are considered ‘non essential’ businesses are most affected, they will need the biggest help to jump back.” says Kevin Tash.

Some businesses are prepared for this rainy day, many aren’t. This Covid-19 disaster will differentiate those who thrive and those who struggle to survive. These loan assistant programs that not everyone qualifies for will only get you so far, but long-term engagement and an ongoing discussion with your customer is what will be needed to ensure that we will all get through this together, and not just when times are good. This can be done through social media, newsletters, video blogs, and acts of kindness. All businesses have to support each other and more importantly its customers, a bailout or loan won’t fix this long-term, but if businesses and brands step up to do a little extra for communities, that will resonate in people’s hearts and businesses and communities can get through this together. For more questions about this press release and interview requests, please contact Tack Media Digital Marketing Agency.

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