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More than ten years ago, the demand for online digital marketers began growing exponentially. We noticed that other marketing agencies and advertisers were experiencing a higher demand in knowledge of online markets but fell short due to their dated tactics. Tack Media was established in response to the demand due to the fact that there is no secret sauce to success in online marketing but we have gotten pretty close. We are a boutique digital marketing agency in Los Angeles that thinks big. That is why we have worked with some of the largest companies in the world and have made a lasting impact. We still partner with smaller organizations because we believe that if there is a vision, then there is a path to get there. 

Tack Media is a boutique independent digital marketing agency in los angeles focused in online media strategy, planning, web presence optimization, online monitoring and digital media buying. As an boutique independent full-service digital marketing agency, we are your ultimate business partner in growing your online marketing presence. You can turn to us for all your online marketing needs. We are closely involved in every step of the way as your organization grows. 

How is Tack Media Different? 

Ever wonder What To Look For in the Top marketing Agencies in Los Angeles ?  We pride ourselves in one thing especially out of our many favorable traits, and that is our ability to communicate with our clients and give them what they ask for. Learn why Tack Media is different when it comes to the ‘non-salesy’ approach and how we assess your organization’s needs based on technical analysis and marketing insights and not a sales-driven approach.  

Forbes Magazine Tack
Recently featured in a May 2018 Tack Media and its leadership was featured in a Forbes publication as a leader in Marketing.

Hands-On and Technical Digital Marketing Agency

We talk the talk and walk the walk.

No-Sales People Marketing Strategy

While most marketing agencies claim to be digital agencies, they often lack the technical experience to execute complex efforts that involve tech heavy lifting or have the hands-on ability to get involved and carry out objectives that their sales people promise their clients(you).  

We have seen this many times, because most often then not, we are the ones clients come to after and share such stories. This is how we are different, we sit you with the actual marketers, engineers, designers, and strategists that will break down the process of managing your day to day efforts, answer your questions, and give you their messenger ID’s so that you can communicate with them throughout the day.  

How Tack Media Stands Out 

Unlike other agencies who are still playing catchup with digital trends, we have started out in the digital space over 11 years ago paving the way towards emerging trends and are 100% hands-on. Tack Media has a diverse group of in-house talent that is highly experienced, tried and technical. We are involved, we make it a point to not dilute ourselves and become so siloed from other members working on an aspect of your business. That being said, we are hands-on growth hackers that will take ownership of our work and ensure that quality is met along with a lot of passion and hard work. Tack Media is not the, ‘Take a Number” and wait your turn agency, we are the advocates for your success. 

We are comprised of Marketers, Growth Hackers and Engineers

We are marketers, strategists, growth hackers and engineers —  we provide the kind of technical creativity leaders are looking for when it comes to uniquely tailored strategies coupled with a group of highly effective people to see their vision through. Whether we’re working with local clients as a digital marketing agency in Los Angeles, or remote clients that require us to keep track of different clocks on the wall, we strive to constantly cultivate fresh ideas to challenging problems.  We partner with organizations of all sizes nationwide and tailor unique strategies that compliment your current existing efforts.