Online Reputation Management

Keeping your Company’s Online Presence Intact

What is ORM?

Relatively new to the field of marketing, Online Reputation Management is the practice of creating strategies that shape or influence the public’s perception of your business. The ORM process includes monitoring your online presence to prevent negative reviews or feedback on your company from impacting potential customers, investors, and future revenue.

Oms Social
  • Brand & Reputation Analysis
  • Create a strategy
  • Digital Review Clean Up
  • Watch progress, learn and evolve
  • Highlight Positive Experiences
  • Improve Online Presence
  • Remove and Suppress Negative Content
  • Manage Online Reviews
  • Monitor and Measure Success
Tack Media’s goal is to make sure your business, and it’s reputation, doesn’t suffer online, so you can keep doing what you do best. Our experts work to filter the positive reviews to reflect in the search results, while diverting the negative ones. Over time, all negative or bad reviews will be eliminated from your online business.

Our Approach to ORM

Want to know if your business could use some of Tack Media’s ORM expertise? Go online and read reviews about your company today. If you find negative comments, or something that seems out of the ordinary, contact us today! We’re happy to find the right solutions for your company when it comes to Online Reputation Management.

Tack Media’s Online Reputation Management Services Include:

The easiest way to protect your business’s online reputation is to make sure there aren’t any issues to begin with. Tack’s ORM experts work together with your team to craft a unique marketing game plan to develop or improve your online reputation.


Once our experts have completed a thorough assessment of your business’s online reputation, we create a strategic plan to improve your online reputation alongside your marketing goals. We work hard so your brand can be positively recognized online and your company image can stay intact.

Marketing Management Recommendations

Just like SEO and social media advertising, your business’s online reputation must be watched over to maintain a pristine image. Talk to Tack’s ORM experts today to see how we can help grow or improve your brand.

What we do?

Our clients are varied, that’s why we work hard to meet all of their specific ORM needs. Tack’s highly experienced team of marketing, writing, and social media experts work closely together to ensure that your online reputation stays pristine.

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