The Brand Energizers

At Tack Media, when it comes to connecting the dots in a digital landscape, Tack has got your back! A true agile and cohesive full service digital agency that specializes and not generalizes.

Limitless possibilities, unlimited potential.

Full Service Digital Marketing Agency

When searching for an Full Service Digital Marketing Agency, don’t just go for just the portfolio and pricing. We like to focus on workplace culture, day to day interaction, service and mindset. Because growing your brand should be a team effort. 

Our goal at Tack Media is to keep it casual, simply communicate goals, break down barriers, and really connect with our clients. We don’t want our day to day relationship to feel like a business arrangement, but as if you are working with your own internal marketing team. Our goal is for our clients to not feel like they are working with a service provider, but a member of your internal digital marketing team.We partner with clients we believe in, products that will enrich the lives of others, and those that believe in making a difference.

  • Transparent & Honest
  • The Gold Standard of Customer Service
  • A Positive and Happy Work Place
  • Result-Driven and Proactive
  • 5 Minute Response Times
  • In-House Content Studios Tack Media Studios Produces Content Daily For Clients

Los Angeles Digital Marketing Agency

Full Service In-House Digital Agency

One of the most active and current digital marketing agencies in Los Angeles that is considered a top choice in quality and trust. Tack is constantly contributing to press, media and educating its clients on new changes in the space. Tack excels in branding, content creation, web design, social media marketing, lead generation, E-Commerce, SEO, SEM and technical execution.

We are trusted by more than 400 clients

Tack Media Official

Tack Media is considered one of LA’s most referred Los Angeles Digital Marketing Agency. We’re considered a results driven SEO Firm, a technically inclined PPC Company, and Social Media Marketing Firm that gets social. We are a true hands-on full service online digital marketing agency based throughout Los Angeles that believes in being hands-on. We work with clients nationwide and internationally. 


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Tack Media and its leadership were
featured in a piece on marketing relevance by Forbes.
Seo Blog California

What kind of businesses & Brands do we work with?

We have driven countless brands to market and have re-energized dozens of brands that needed a little bit of a jolt in the right direction. At Tack, we are known to energize brands and are considered a digital transformation agency.
Business Woman

Large Brands & Enterprise

We like to flex our creative muscles

What Sets Us Apart

Our experts come to the table with ideas, strategies, improvements, and solutions meticulously crafted and catered to your business needs. We provide our clients the support they need to excel in the digital market. Instead of sitting back and maintaining the current, we engage, discover and innovate to drive our client’s businesses to the top of their respective fields.

  • A positive, employee-centered workplace
  • A digital marketing transformation agency
  • 100% team member collaboration
  • Last-minute requests: 30-minute implementations
  • Chat response rate of 5 minutes or less
  • Daily chat and communication availability


We know that it really takes a village to manage any growing organization, so why should you settle with a single account manager?  That is why every creative member of our agency is involved and studied-up on the inner workings of all on-going projects, enabling time-sensitive requests to be worked on as a unit and without delay. That way if your “account manager” goes on vacation, you are not left in the dark. This is called the iamTack promise.  #collaboration #transparency #communication 

The Tack Media Team
In-House Creative Facilities & Staff All Inclusive
In-house Videography & Content Production 87%
Social Influencers & Partners80%
Social Content Creation95%
E-Commerce Photography 75%
Tack Services

Tack Reviews

  • I found Tack Media on Yelp through their great reviews. I spoke with Kevin and mentioned all of the things I needed. I worked with the team for around 4-5 months and I am beyond happy with the results. They created a website with content, photos, menu, social media, loyalty programs, flyers and some advertising that I needed for my coffee shop. The best part is they were always available through chat/video calls and in touch for any changes/adjustments that were made. It was a smooth and fun process. The team thinks outside of the box and they gave a lot of creative ideas on how to advertise my business so it can stand out. Their staff is very detailed oriented, professional and sharp.

    Sarah O
  • Sometimes as a start up you have so many questions and doubts. Are you good enough? Who can help? Should I worry about sales or branding first? How long do you try and do it yourself for? What’s your brand story? So many questions that Tack media has no problem answering for you or pointing you in the right direction of someone who will. There is no reason to be lost when you have an agency like Tack Media. In this business you want more than just a company you want real friends that care. Thanks Kevin!

    Rashad S.
  • I found Tack Media on google and thank God I did. We had a pretty tight deadline and had a lot of projects we wanted to accomplish quickly. After a short introductory call with Kevin I started wondering if they were too good to be true. They not only helped us accomplish incredible returns using PPC and Social Media Advertising in a relatively short period of time but also helped us in other areas like SEO and graphic design. We felt supported and heard every step of the way. They truly are a full service agency, no over promising and underdelivering but far exceeding our expectations! Could not recommend them enough!

    Found Places
    Director of Marketing
Happy Man
  • Teleconference meetings
  • 100% ownership of content
  • Honest and Transparent
  • No excuses, just positive results
  • Clear, understandable reporting
  • Honest, ethical agency
  • Both Technical and Creative
  • Specialists not generalists

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