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At Tack Media, we believe that video marketing has the power to positively boost your brand, while at the same time teaching your clients, marketing your products and so much more! However, it’s not as simple as having an explanation video on your website. Video marketing, just as any other marketing campaign, is an ongoing, online strategy. At this very moment, your client probably does not have the time or patience they need to search your website, reading pages of text to get the information they need. Nowadays, the quickest answers to their main questions like, “Are you offering what I am looking for?” will win you their business. This is where an Explainer Video comes in.

Here’s what Tack Media’s experts can do for you:

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Concept & Script

Our experienced content writer will collect all pertinent information about your business and create a storyline based on your marketing goals. The story is then finalized into a script, including post collaborative reviews with the client.

The Storyboard

The storyboard represents the visuals that will be used to depict the animation synced to the voice-over. Once the storyboard is discussed and approved by the client, Tack’s experts move to the next step.

Illustration & Voice-Over

After the storyboard approval, clients are shown illustrations of characters that will be used in the animation. After that we will present a few different voice talent options and the client will be able to choose the one that best represents their style. Our voice actors record both in English as well as a multitude of different foreign languages.


The final step in the process is animation, this is where the video comes to life! Animation will proceed in a few different stages and the client will have the resulting post approval. At this last stage, the final mp4 is published and we can begin to watch the positive conversion results.

Digital Marketing Services Offered

Providing comprehensive digital marketing plans and strategies for companies including marketing automation.
Get a fresh google friendly mobile-responsive web page design, including tailored web applications.
Branding and Design services for businesses. Print and design services to help you stand out from the rest.
Providing comprehensive digital marketing plans and strategies for companies including marketing automation.
Providing comprehensive digital marketing plans and strategies for companies including marketing automation.
Social media is a great way to get the audience talking about your brand. Working closely with leveraging social influencers to highlight your company or brand.

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