Job Ghosting and why Digital Agencies can be a Countermeasure for Internal Marketing Teams in 2023

December 13th, 2022

As businesses continue to evolve to the changing market, the question of whether to have just an internal marketing team or to also incorporate an external digital agency has become increasingly relevant. While having an internal digital marketing team can provide a level of familiarity or control, adding an external team like Tack Media can bring increased dependability and expertise to the table. The most critical benefit of having an external team like Tack Media digital marketing agency is the added layer of reliability or redundancy a marketing operation needs. We’ve learned a thing or two about The Great Resignation and its impact on all workplaces during the pandemic causing a seismic shift in demand for remote, flex schedules, a more balanced life-work cycle and higher employee retention standards. This has forced employers and HR to reconsider a more progressive culture that accounts for ‘what if I can’t control attrition?’ Tack Media has been a strong advocate of employee-centric work environments since 2015, noting that ‘a happy team member is a creative one,’ says Elena Smith of Tack. 

 Since Tack Media is a specialized digital marketing firm, they have a deep understanding of supporting existing enterprise organization, or mid sized businesses, it was very natural to compliment business expectations, team infrastructures, agile teams, and work in a cross-department fashion without being seen as an out of the loop party. Tack has supported dozens of businesses during the 2-year pandemic period that was in ‘emergency, all hands-on deck mode’, experiencing crucial employees jump ship, get sick, or seek other opportunities while the entire key to operations was dependant on 1 or 2 people, leaving marketing departments in disarray while causing executives scrambling to fill the gap. 

Labor trends like “job ghosting” are an unfortunate byproduct of the recent pandemic where new workers are seemingly disappearing without a trace before starting. According to a report by Visier, a large majority (84%) of the 1,000 job seekers surveyed in both the U.K. and the U.S. admitted to ghosting an employer in the past year and a half. This leaves HR feeling powerless and at the whim of the labor market and its trends. That’s because they are! 

According to Work Institute statistics, employee turnover costs employers one-third of an employee’s base pay. This incorporates separation costs, replacement costs, training costs, and lost productivity. If we apply this rate to the average marketing employee salary (approximately $60,000) using Glassdoor statistics, that cost is $20,000 per instance of employee turnover.

With high employee turnover costs and employee turnover trends like “job ghosting”, HR teams can no longer neglect the real impact this dynamic is having on their company. Incorporating an external team like Tack Media is the saving grace for HR teams. Employee turnover for marketing will have less of an impact if a hybrid team is incorporated. This hybrid team would allow for the internal marketing team and a marketing agency like Tack Media. By adding a layer of reliability, an external team like Tack Media can help to ensure that your marketing efforts are successful.

Tack Media does not replace the need for internal marketing teams; instead, they amplify areas of specialty. They add a layer of performance that includes data insights from over 14 years of experience and proven methodologies that optimize the chance of success in a dynamic modern digital team. Rather than thinking of Tack Media as a replacement, think of Tack Media as an amplification.

Tack Media’s distinctive qualities consist of cutting-edge digital marketing strategies, unrivaled customer support, and a proven-track record. Tack Media prides themselves on their five minutes response times for client inquiries, making it clear that their goal is to be proactive in creating a strong relationship. To learn more, check out their two-minute overview.

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