3 Content Marketing Trends for Digital Marketers

If you’ve been looking to jump on some of the hottest digital marketing trends in 2018 there are 3 tactics you may want to consider sooner rather than later. Just what trends should you be looking for as a digital marketer? Continue reading to learn more about my opinions on 3 content marketing trends every online marketers should consider as part of their marketing plan.

#1 Display Marketing

If you haven’t read this emarkerter.com report, you might find it surprising that display continues to gain popularity. And it’s not a small entrance. Display is currently outpacing paid search ads. That is pretty impressive.

Looking back at data published in March 2015, click here to view the chart, you can see that in 2014 search ads had a marginally higher spend in the US compared to display ads. By 2015, US display ad spend surpassed search ad spend and has continued to do so annually since then.

So what’s the big deal with display? Why is everyone jumping on the bandwagon? The answer, in my opinion, has to do with remarketing. Marketers know more than ever just how critical remarketing can be to a campaign. It is a digital version for multiple touch points.   Take a look at this Salesforce study that claims 6 -8 touches are needed to genearte a viable sales lead.   How are you going to show yourself to a prospect 6-8 times if consumers only views your ad in search?

#2 Niche Content is King

Regardless of your industry, you will need to create niche content that will appeal to your audience. With the amout of compeition out there, content in today’s landscape needs to be in-depth, and extremly specific to what your audience is searching for. When you author your content, you should compare it to your competitors before publishing. Is your content better than there content? What can you do to improve it?

In addition to written content, visuals such as infographics or detailed images are a must. A number of sites are also offering videos for those who don’t want to read or skim content.

#3 Search is Changing & So Should Your Content

According to predictions by Gartner, as well as an article I authored on Forbes, we are moving into a world that will also include voice search (screen-less search). According to a 2016 article on Search Engine Land, voice was already making up 20% of searches, and that was two years ago. As voice search gains more marketshare, the way we optimize for search may need to change as well. Since we speak differently from the way we type, our content will need to use natural language. Our articles may need to answer questions the way a human would in ordinary conversation.

Here are a few tips:

  • When optmizing for local search, be sure to optimize “near me” searches to natural language.
  • Rather than breaking up answers into serveral sentences, create full sentence questions and answers.
  • For topically related search, use longer, naturally phrased keywords
  • Make sure that your site is mobile friendly, since a number of of voice searches come from mobile.
  • Use markup to help Google better understand your content


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Author Bio

Chris Foerster is a technology junkie and digital marketer who currently manages the digital marketing at Fremont.edu. With more than a decade of experience marketing businesses online, Chris brings a unique skill set of SEO, PPC, social media, lead nurturing, and content marketing to the college’s website Fremont.edu.


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