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We Amplify Your Existing Team

You need a plan, you need leadership, you need execution. At Tack Media, we consider ourselves a resource amplifciation firm, meaning we work with your existing internal team members and fill gaps in the departments that you do not have. We add the puzzle pieces that save your organization in overhead, training, and execution with a single mission, to succeed.

Tack Builds and Manages performance marketing campaigns.

Tack Media understands that a strategy isn’t complete without a fully integrated marketing approach. That is why we believe in looking at the bigger picture when it comes to having a strong and diversified online presence that spans from search engines to social media to the entirety of your web presence.

We are Lead Gen & E-Commerce Specialists.

With every E-Commerce presence comes social proof, and heavy content marketing. Building social proof is not an overnight process, and at Tack Media, we leverage content to out-perform your competitors. We partner with content creators to keep a steady flow of authentic content flowing to your social media, email marketing, websites, and ad spaces. At Tack, we believe in integrated marketing!

We love supporting and working with internal marketing teams.

We work with all businesses to help build ground-up presences for new brands, and support existing established organizations who need a strong team to back them. We also love working with existing marketing teams who need a high-performance extension of their existing digital teams . We enjoy supporting incredible managers, directors and VP‘s who are holding it down and need a helping hand. Tack fills in the gaps on what is needed in any organization. We are here to step it up a notch and truly take digital marketing efforts to a more efficient and performance-focused standard.  

Tack Media Offices

We know Content, Influencers, and Video Creation.

We don’t just run the same ad over and over again, we create content in our studios, with our content creators and influencers alike. We test on a small scale, then scale ads based on metrics and performance. This allows us to present a unique voice in each social space, and each marketing item through video.

Tack Media Digital Marketing Agency