Case study

A Glowing Transformation: Boosting Revenue and Conversions for a Skincare Brand

Our holistic, multi-channel marketing strategy has brought impressive growth to a leading skincare brand, resulting in a surge in revenue by 226.7% and a spike in conversion rates over 52%.


Increase in Conversion Rates


Boost in Revenue

The challenge

Our challenge was to attract quality traffic to the skincare brand’s website, and then, using a multi-touch channel approach, transition that traffic through the buyer’s decision cycle from awareness to consideration, and finally, to purchase. A large part of this challenge involved engaging users on the website long enough to absorb the product information and evolve from the awareness to the consideration stage.

A measurable improvement

“ SEO efforts have produced significant success, pushing presence to the first page of search results and generating prominent leads. Availability, motivation, and efficiency continue to make for a prosperous and vigorous relationship, while guidance around marketing proves indispensable. ”

 Chief Marketing Officer

Optimized Engagement on Social Media

We used Facebook and Instagram ads to capture and nurture potential customers unfamiliar with the brand, including lookalike audiences. Our primary objective was not immediate purchase, but to transition these newcomers from the awareness to the consideration phase.
To build our audiences, we created lookalike audiences based on Amazon customers and past website purchasers, starting with 1% and 2% similarity, and gradually expanding as success was demonstrated.



Tackmedia reports significantly improved the volume and quality of leads delivered to sales.

Faster production – The outcome of our strategic, multi-channel approach was a notable increase in revenue by 226.7%

Increased quality – A boost in conversion rates over 52% in just 28 days.

About Our Client

Our client is a renowned skincare brand offering a unique range of products crafted to enhance natural beauty. With a focus on quality and efficacy, they are committed to providing skincare solutions that truly make a difference.

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