Search Engine Marketing consists of paid and organic efforts.


PAID – SEM (Pay Per Click)

Paid efforts are most commonly recognized as google pay per click services. They are the top results you see when you conduct any search on search engines.  The top three results are usually paid advertisers who are willing to pay for every click that might turn into a potential customer.

Here is an example of advertisers paying for top ranking in google: This can be you



ORGANIC – SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

With Organic search engine marketing services,  those are the results that come up when relevent keyword searches are done. The only difference is, once it is achieved, the traffic generated from organically will be free traffic that is semi permanent. This takes consistency, relevant content, social media involvement and overall PR efforts to naturally increase your company’s online presence through the web.

Tack Media is an Organic Search Engine Optimization services that focuses on long-term results and combines multiple marketing efforts resulting in  global growth for our clients.

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