Marketing Agency Affiliate Referral Program for Industry Professionals

At Tackmedia, we recognize the profound influence of word-of-mouth marketing and endorsements. It’s for this reason that we introduced our referral program. By directing potential clients our way, you can earn without a fuss or complications. A simple monetary incentive is our way of expressing gratitude.


Increase in Sales and Conversions


Boost in Revenue

How Does Tackmedia's Referral Program Function?

The essence of our referral program is simplicity. If you’ve ever interacted with a referral system before, you’ll easily grasp how ours works.Just link us to enterprises or individuals seeking our expertise. Once they engage our marketing services, a reward lands in your pocket. Simply introduce us, and we’ll handle the rest. Remember, you can introduce clients to any facet of our extensive marketing offerings, from SEO and PPC to social media – the options are plentiful.

What's the Reward?

For each month your referred client remains with us, you’ll earn a 10% commission.* This can quickly develop into a consistent source of passive revenue for you.

Any Further Commitments with the New Client?

Absolutely not. Your only task is to point a potential client towards Tackmedia. It’s understood you may have shared some information about our offerings or your positive experiences, but that’s entirely optional. Once you’ve made the referral, just let us know where to send your reward.

Why Opt for Tackmedia's Referral Partnership?

When you vouch for a company by being a referral partner, it’s a testament to your faith in their services and brand. We, at Tackmedia, hold this sentiment in high regard.
We are backed by years of experience in the digital marketing domain, always evolving with the dynamic digital marketing landscape and are known for delivering tangible outcomes.
Transparency is a cornerstone of our values. Clients are always in the loop, ensuring they’re well-informed about their campaigns’ progress.

Simple Referral, Pure Benefits – With Tackmedia’s referral initiative, your responsibility ends with the introduction. There’s no need to mediate between us and your referred client. Introduce, then watch the passive rewards flow in for as long as the client remains associated with us.

Continuous Incentives, Unlimited Rewards

While some programs might offer a nominal one-off payment, we believe in rewarding consistency. That’s why you’ll receive a commission each month your referred client is on board. This monthly 10% commission can accumulate swiftly. For instance, if your referral invests $2,000 monthly in our services, your effortless gain is $200 each month.

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