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Beyond choosing a corporate name, business owners and managers also have to think about naming every new product or service they create. Sometimes people think this is self-explanatory or that they can just use the general name of the product or service – for example, “car wash,” “chocolate chip cookies,” “pizza,” etc. But most businesses offer more than one product or service. The car wash probably has different packages, from a basic external wash to a deluxe package with inside cleaning and waxing. The cookie company may add other cookie flavors or varieties, like chocolate chocolate chip or chocolate chip oatmeal. The pizzeria probably offers different kinds of pizza or at least different numbers of toppings.

So it becomes important to choose a unique name for each new product. Here it’s important to be specific about your item, to choose something catchy, and something that intrigues the target market. The name can’t be confusing or off-putting or it will hurt more than it helps. You may need to name a series of different products in one line, which also needs a name (such as different colors in a line of lipsticks). Naming can quickly become a complex topic.

That’s where the naming experts at Tack Media come in. We have years of experience choosing names for products and services across many industries, and the knowledge to zero in on what each name needs to communicate. We’ll prepare a list of names for you to either choose from or offer feedback on, and we’ll keep iterating until you’re satisfied with a name.


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