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Tack Media is a digital marketing agency that assists companies like yours in reaching the next level by creating and executing dynamic online marketing strategies. Our most loyal clients have held the in-house-or-agency debate multiple times.

Ultimately, they’ve discovered over and over that the best solution is an internal strategy lead with the right external partner (to add value where the in-house team needs more bandwidth and/or knowlede). Tack Media works to transform your internally developed vision into action, performance, and quantifiable results.

At Tack, we have more than 150 full-time employees. We manage $500M+ in annual advertising expenditures, improve thousands of web pages, push out tens of thousands of emails/texts/chats, and analyze hundreds of thousands of data points each year. As a result, we have the experience and knowledge to study, understand, and develop a unique strategy for your brand and its challenges.


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Our portfolio of diverse clients . These include branding, graphic design, website design, website development, multimedia and more.

You run your business, we help you find customers.

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Scaling businesses in web, creative, social, lead generation, SEO, SEM, and content development.
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Are we the right online advertising agency for you?

Is your business goal to make a quick dollar? Have you tried a few other online advertising agencies looking for that silver bullet and everyone else always seems to be the problem? Do you give up on the first mistake, failed marketing test, or get offended when someone challenges your ideas? If any of these ring true to you, we are likely not the right fit for you. And that’s ok!

Not sure where you fall here? Frankly, neither are we. We’d love the opportunity to audit your existing efforts, review our strategy recommendations and see if we’re both committed to putting in the investment our long-term partnership would require.

No mirrors.

We’ll provide you with the expertise you need at a much higher cost efficiency than trying to scale an in-house team. Our technology and team of paid advertising strategists can help your business achieve what’s most important to you.

We’re here to help you reach your business goals.

We partner with our clients to understand the why behind your business, the goals you aspire to and impact this will have on your customers and business; we translate this into a unique and authentic marketing strategy to get us there together.


As a boutique online digital marketing agency in Los Angeles, we ensure that our work sets the foundation for growth for clients.
  • SEO efforts have produced significant success, pushing presence to the first page of search results and generating prominent leads. Availability, motivation, and efficiency continue to make for a prosperous and vigorous relationship, while guidance around marketing proves indispensable.

Tack Media FEATURED in the Press: 2018

Recently featured in a series of 2018 publications in,, ABC's, fit small business, Cision, NBC news, for a recent news pieces in their publications. Tack Media works to contribute to industry news and practices and is the go-to source for many leaders in industry.

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 Our online digital marketing services can help you maintain a well thought out and strategic approach that is adaptable, budget conscious, and encourages increased engagement from your potential customers.   
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