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Startup Technology Development

Helping Automobile Leaders for Sales & Marketing Solutions

Tack Media works with startups such as automobile, food tech, and lifestyle solutions. We also cooperate with sports and consumer domain startups. And finally, we function as a startup in terms of decision making, speed & growth.

Top to Bottom of Pyramid Solutions for Automobile

New Cars, Used Cars, Sales & Trends Reporting, Onsite Campaigns, Dealer Management, Team Reports, Advertising Campaigns for Automobile.

New & Used Cars Sales and Marketing Solutions

Motogo India

Tack Media worked as a mobility partner to develop Lead management System. Adding Leads, Followups, Test Drive Scheduling, Weekly & Monthly Reports, Sales & Invoicing straight from the mobile app.

Dealer & Sales Dashboard Solutions
Leading Car Brands

Dashboard is used by Top management at Country level or OEM level to track key matrices of sales, dealerships and trends. Measuring – Key trends & their movement, Filtering & Drill down, Comparison of Top performing markets & Visualisation.

Whitelist Solutions
Leading Automobile Brands

We helped our partner companies to whitelist for various brands. Brands included Volkswagen Korea & Malaysia, Audi Malaysia, Yamaha. Maintenance & support for solutions. Modules included Adding Leads to allocating VIN number for Booking. 

Advertising & Campaign Solutions
FIAT USA & others

We worked with Automobile companies for their Offline Campaigns reporting. We were approached by a large advertising company for their Interactive Campaign for FIAT. That included building macOS application & support to mobile applications.

Looking for Automobile Solutions?

Why choose Tack Media?
  • Proven experience working with multiple Automobile brands
  • Understanding of Automobile business functioning & Industry exposure
  • 8+ startups raised funding from accredited investors & VC funds
  • Top to bottom of Pyramid solutions starting from Sales Consultants to CXOs
  • Multi disciplinary support from partner agencies for UI/UX, marketing & advertising
  • OBD-II, Connected Car & Smart sensors understanding for Automobile IoT Solutions

"Future cars will be Electrified, Autonomous, Shared, Connected & Yearly Updated" - PwC Report

Tack Media is a frontrunner in building wide array of technology solutions for the Automobile industry. Looking for Automotive IT solutions?

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