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Open Source UI for Credit Card on iOS

MFCard Credit Card Control is an Innovative Tool to Manage Credit Card UI & Validation.

MFCard is a credit card charging and payment app and is an efficient tool for card validation control. Built for iOS with Swift Technology, Supported with CocoaPods. This is managed by team Tack Media.

1  @import MFCard
4  var myCard : MFCardView
3  myCard = MFCardView(withViewController: self)
4  myCard.delegate = self
5  myCard.showCard()

Features on MFCard

We encourage requesting new features for this control
  • Card Validation Support & Error Handling
  • Swipe Gesture To Swipe Card front & back
  • Toast Messages for error handling
  • All Properties editable using IBDesignable
  • Animations & Easy to Use
  • MFCard Supports (Master Card, Visa, JCB, Diners, Rupay, Dankort, Maestro)

MFCard is supported & maintained by Tack Media

Tack Media is a mobile application development & growth engineering studio.

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