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Dash: experience your meal before you place an order!

Dash (IdeaChakki) is Ratan Tata backed FoodTech startup. As for Tack Media, it has built their entire technology stack from the inception. We got an opportunity to serve world-renowned chefs & restauranteurs. Among them, specifically are Taj Hotels, ITC Maurya, Pullman Group. Also, Veranda, Gajalee, Artusi are few of the restaurants where Dash is available.

Mobile Apps for premium & finesse oriented brands

Tack Media boost solutions for amazing brands. In their turn, the brands built extremely premium solutions.
  • We developed solutions for rendering menu from excel & plist files which can be extremely easy for restaurants to manage
  • Secondly, we integrated table management & POS systems for order taking ability directly from iPad App
  • Third, the app has consumer analytics & popular dishes for a restaurant from anonymised data & mix panel analytics
  • Upsell customers with new dishes, platters, dish suggestions & wine recommendations
  • Finally, we're managing 60 fps with multiple iPad with high quality video rendering, complex menu navigations, white listing

Other FoodTech Projects

Tack Media helps food-tech companies deliver great user experience & technology solutions

Bimpies: Solution for managing catering orders & on-demand fleet. Bimpies is based in San Francisco, California.They are delivering catering orders from food platforms & popular restaurants. Restaurant & Catering Delivery Solutions


TangoTab is a free mobile app helping users discover great restaurants nearby. Every time you use TangoTab at a partner restaurant, it feeds a person in need through food charity in your community.

“Tian was one of the first few restaurants in Delhi that introduced Modern Asian Cuisine. As well, it introduced a modern way to experience the food through Dash. In fact, we can appreciate the creativity and artistry of cooks. We can discover all that goes behind cooking and plating each dish. Amazingly enough, this is just one of the few things this app delivers. We’ll see you at Tian to show you more.”

Zubin Songadwala
General Manager – ITC, Maurya

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