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With more than 4 Billion users and still growing, Facebook is taking the lead in what advertising should be in the new age of tech. Facebook marketing offers an incredible digital marketing opportunity for your company. You can target your ideal customers or prospects with Facebook data that is available. You can build a rapport and engage your current customers and clients. Facebook digital marketing allows our clients to reach people using geographic, demographic, things they like, and social data. There is no other digital marketing platform that
combines all this for an online advertiser.

We get on board and solve whatever comes our way.
If there is a challenge, Tack Media has the solution!

I need a good social media
strategy to grow my business.

My brand management online is
weak and I don t know what to

I want to use Facebook Ads for
more sales

I need strategies on how to
engage more with my followers

My content creation isn t good
anymore, I need fresh ideas

I need new content for my
influencer page.

Starting $100/hr hourly consultation price

Pricing varies if it is an ongoing package or a one-time service.

  • Social Reputation Management
  • Social Consultancy
  • Brand Management
  • Social Tone & Nature
  • Social Monitoring
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Social Influencer Marketing
  • Social Content Creation
  • Social Posting and Automation
  • Social Media Contests
  • Social PPC
  • Social PR
  • Creative Discussion
  • Reporting & Analysis
  • Cross Channel Promotion

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Youtube Targeted Ads

With YouTube Ads, you can show your video and image
ads on YouTube to reach its large amount of users. With
several options of enhanced targeting method, your
youtube ads will be able to reach a highly targeted
amount of users.

Is Infusionsoft marketing automation right for my business?

As an Infusionsoft Marketing Automation Consultant Agency, we witness daily small to medium sized businesses need a better way to stay organized, increase sales, and save time and money. If that is your case, then Infusionsoft marketing automation is for you. Tack Media is an Infusionsoft Marketing Automation Consultant Agency that has helped over 1,000 small business users set up and run marketing automation for business.

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  • Small Business Digital Marketing Services

Most successful small business marketing strategies include a paid
online advertising campaign. We ll help you set your daily budget
and we take care optimizing it regularly. No obligation, just watch
the business pour in.
In a B2B and B2B landscape, marketing automation solutions are
not a nice-to-have they are a must-have. Simply put, without
it, consider your potentials prospects lost before you even start.

  • Small Business SEO

Our Small Business search engine optimization (SEO) takes time to build, but improving your position in the organic search results gains visibility and increased traffic easing up less strain on paid budgets. Our Small business SEO marketing services provide an upper hand to what your competition is doing. Local SEO is much
quicker to achieve than national. Our goal is to gain visibility in your SEO for your small business.

Contact Tack Media and learn about get started automating large-scale processes today.

We are your partner in Infusionsoft
automated marketing

Tack Media is an experts in Marketing Automation tools and CRMS like Infusionsoft and Hubspot, to name a few. Infusionsoft offers an insight into the lead acquisition and nurturing process, including funnel creation, contact form-capture, segmentation of users, landing pages that including tracking, is all within our wheel house. As an Infusionsoft Marketing Automation Consultant Agency, our years of experience can help your current efforts get jumpstarted in the right direction, call us today and ask us how we can automate your business today!

We Implement Automation into your daily workflow

Our creative approach deliver marketing automation and helps your business grow revenue through ROI-driven digital marketing automation services.

Marketing Automation Tools

  • Infusionsoft Automation
  • Eloqua
  • ContactPigeon
  • Pay Per Click (PPC) and
    AdWords Management

Marketing Automation Software

  • Constant Contact
  • HubSpot
  • ExactTarget - Pardot
  • Social Posting and Automation

Marketing Automation Services

  • Marketo
  • Eloqua
  • Mail Chimp

Examples of Automation Services Provided by Tack Media

Some of these Infusionsoft marketing automation services are often most utilized in our day to day online marketing. Our goal is to scale your processes to reach more people on a more consistent level. Skip out on hours of manual work, follow ups, emails, even text messages. There are many automation systems to choose from, most commonly, we work with Infusionsoft, Marketo and Hubspot. Our Infusionsoft marketing automation consultants will not only help your skip the learning curve but we will help you maintain your entire system.
We are experts in leveraging Infusions marketing automation content to help generate more leads and customers for your business.
Infusionsoft powered SMS and Email Marketing automation is a great way to build a casual rapport with clients and keep them informed while you keep the conversation going on an automated basis.
Infusionsoft Automation offers the ability to survey and poll. This engage your visitors to review and leave important feedback which is often a missed opportunity with most businesses.
Infusionsoft Promotion automation is a scalable way to engage large audiences at once and establish relationships and keep in touch on an ongoing basis.

Tack Media FEATURED in the Press: 2018

Recently featured in a series of 2018 publications in,, ABC's, fit small business, Cision, NBC news, for a recent news pieces in their publications. Tack Media works to contribute to industry news and practices and is the go-to source for many leaders in industry.

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