Case study

Elevating Nayad: Fueling Growth Through Powerful E-commerce & Design Strategies

With a strategic approach and innovative design tactics, we’ve successfully boosted Nayad, a leading American drinkware brand, known for their stylish and environmentally conscious mugs, thermoses, and tumblers.


Increase in Sales and Conversions


Boost in Revenue

The challenge

Our task was to leverage web design, Shopify development, and strategic branding to increase lead generation for Nayad. The goal was not only to boost their online presence but also to drive sales and revenue growth, all while staying true to the brand’s unique style and environmental commitment.

A measurable improvement

“ SEO efforts have produced significant success, pushing presence to the first page of search results and generating prominent leads. Availability, motivation, and efficiency continue to make for a prosperous and vigorous relationship, while guidance around marketing proves indispensable. ”

 Chief Marketing Officer

Dynamic Design & Strong Branding

Our team at Tack Media crafted banners, images, and animations that conveyed a professional yet stylish image in line with Nayad’s brand identity. We deployed innovative fonts, colors, and layouts consistently across their digital presence, helping Nayad distinguish themselves from the competition and establish their expertise in the marketplace.

Harnessing the Power of Shopify

In addition, our Shopify team built a robust, flexible, and scalable online store for Nayad, enabling them to sell their trend-setting products with ease. We leveraged several advanced tools already known to our team to boost the store’s performance and versatility.


Tackmedia reports significantly improved the volume and quality of leads delivered to sales.

Faster production – The outcome of our strategic, multi-channel approach was a notable increase in revenue by 242.7%

Increase in Sales and Conversions – A boost in conversion rates over 66% in just 28 days.

About Our Client

Nayad is an American brand that excels in creating stylish drinkware such as mugs, thermoses, and tumblers. Their products are designed to enhance individual style while minimizing environmental impact, striking a balance between trendiness and sustainability.

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