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What kind of Marketing does Tack Media specialize in?

Tack Media focuses on both traditional forms of marketing coupled with new media online marketing. With more than 80 percent of businesses online, it is the primary method of resonating your company’s existing efforts, its voice and its vision through online streams. Tack Media ensures that all aspects of a company’s marketing efforts are handled.

Online Marketing

Marketing your business can be one of the most important decisions you could make. From your reputation online to online presence.

We provide services from Search engine optimization (SEO services) to website management.

Social Media Marketing

Tack Media creates & manages social media pages to keep your voice active in social media space. We can also  create relevant content in blogs, and arrange contests, coupons and promotional material to keep engagement up.

E-Commerce Marketing

Having an E-commerce store online can be an incredibly powerful tool to sell products online. Tack Media can help develop, market and launch E-Commerce platforms.  We can optimize organic campaigns, social media implementation with your E-commerce store and conduct E-mail marketing campaigns to drive large volume of traffic.

E-Mail Marketing

E-mail marketing is a way to reach large audiences in one email blast.  Tack Media can help acquire audiences through marketing channels to acquire marketing lists, or generate them through your website or through social media pages. Many companies rely on E-mail marketing to keep their engagement high and sales strong.

Print Marketing

Some companies  choose to allocate their resources more heavily towards departments in which they feel carry the companies productivity, that is why it is important to create a marketing division that will be a department in its own. Tack media creates that all without the cost, overhead, real estate space and other costs involved with hiring managers, trainers, staff, employee’s and sales people to strategist and execute a fully comprehensive marketing effort.

 Tack Media is full marketing agency of the next generation that focuses on long-term results and combines multiple marketing efforts resulting in  global growth for our clients.

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