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Tack Media serves dozens of established businesses that are missing certain aspects of a digital team. With marketing team rising costs, retention, overhead, training, and high turnover being a major problem in the past 2 years, Tack Media has stepped up in amplifying resources or entirely replacing your marketing operation. That is our niche and specialty. We cover a broad range of services, and have the infrastructure to execute your day to day marketing operations.

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Your A-Z extension of your In-house Digital Marketing Team

Full Service Los Angeles Digital Marketing Agency

One of the most active and current digital marketing agencies in Los Angeles that is considered a top choice in quality and trust. Tack is constantly contributing to press, media and educating its clients on new changes in the space. Tack excels in branding, content creation, web design, social media marketing, lead generation, E-Commerce, SEO, SEM and technical execution.

Tack Reviews

  • I found Tack Media on Yelp through their great reviews. I spoke with Kevin and mentioned all of the things I needed. I worked with the team for around 4-5 months and I am beyond happy with the results. They created a website with content, photos, menu, social media, loyalty programs, flyers and some advertising that I needed for my coffee shop. The best part is they were always available through chat/video calls and in touch for any changes/adjustments that were made. It was a smooth and fun process. The team thinks outside of the box and they gave a lot of creative ideas on how to advertise my business so it can stand out. Their staff is very detailed oriented, professional and sharp.

    Sarah O
  • Sometimes as a start up you have so many questions and doubts. Are you good enough? Who can help? Should I worry about sales or branding first? How long do you try and do it yourself for? What’s your brand story? So many questions that Tack media has no problem answering for you or pointing you in the right direction of someone who will. There is no reason to be lost when you have an agency like Tack Media. In this business you want more than just a company you want real friends that care. Thanks Kevin!

    Rashad S.
  • I found Tack Media on google and thank God I did. We had a pretty tight deadline and had a lot of projects we wanted to accomplish quickly. After a short introductory call with Kevin I started wondering if they were too good to be true. They not only helped us accomplish incredible returns using PPC and Social Media Advertising in a relatively short period of time but also helped us in other areas like SEO and graphic design. We felt supported and heard every step of the way. They truly are a full service agency, no over promising and underdelivering but far exceeding our expectations! Could not recommend them enough!

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Digital Services Offered

Tack offers a wide array of integrated marketing services across many markets.

Discover How We Can Help Your Business Grow

  • Transparent & Honest
  • Result-Driven and Proactive
  • The Gold Standard of Customer Service
  • 5 Minute Response Times
  • A Positive and Happy Work Place
  • In-House Content Studios Tack Media Studios Produces
    Content Daily For Clients
  • Get a Live Quote on Your First Call
  • Speak to a Live Marketing Expert
  • We Never Send Clients to Voicemail
  • 5 Minute Response Chat Times
  • All Inclusive Packages : No Nickel and Diming
  • Customized Packages to Your Budget

We appreciate you entrusting us with your brand, you will see that in our service.

We value long term client-relationships

Discover How We Can Help Your Business Grow

  • Get a Live Quote on Your First Call
  • Speak to a Live Marketing Expert
  • We Never Send Clients to Voicemail
  • 5 Minute Response Chat Times
  • All Inclusive Packages : No Nickel and Diming
  • Customized Packages to Your Budget

A Well-Seasoned Teams to cover all your Bases

Choose from the departments and resources that you don’t currently have in-house.


We Amplify Your Existing Team

You need a plan, you need leadership, you need execution. At Tack Media, we consider ourselves a resource amplifciation firm, meaning we work with your existing internal team members and fill gaps in the departments that you do not have. We add the puzzle pieces that save your organization in overhead, training, and execution with a single mission, to succeed.

Tack Builds and Manages performance marketing campaigns.

Tack Media understands that a strategy isn’t complete without a fully integrated marketing approach. That is why we believe in looking at the bigger picture when it comes to having a strong and diversified online presence that spans from search engines to social media to the entirety of your web presence.

We are Lead Gen & E-Commerce Specialists.

With every E-Commerce presence comes social proof, and heavy content marketing. Building social proof is not an overnight process, and at Tack Media, we leverage content to out-perform your competitors. We partner with content creators to keep a steady flow of authentic content flowing to your social media, email marketing, websites, and ad spaces. At Tack, we believe in integrated marketing!

We love supporting and working with internal marketing teams.

We work with all businesses to help build ground-up presences for new brands, and support existing established organizations who need a strong team to back them. We also love working with existing marketing teams who need a high-performance extension of their existing digital teams . We enjoy supporting incredible managers, directors and VP‘s who are holding it down and need a helping hand. Tack fills in the gaps on what is needed in any organization. We are here to step it up a notch and truly take digital marketing efforts to a more efficient and performance-focused standard.  

Tack Media Offices

We know Content, Influencers, and Video Creation.

We don’t just run the same ad over and over again, we create content in our studios, with our content creators and influencers alike. We test on a small scale, then scale ads based on metrics and performance. This allows us to present a unique voice in each social space, and each marketing item through video.

Manage, improve, and grow your
organization with Tack Media.

What kind of businesses & Brands do we work with?

Large Brands & Enterprise

What kind of businesses & Brands do we work with?

At Tack, we are known to energize brands and are considered a digital transformation agency.  We know that it really takes a village to manage any growing organization, so why should you settle with a single account manager?  That is why every creative member of our agency is involved on the inner workings of all on-going projects, enabling time-sensitive requests to be worked on as a unit and without delay. That way if your “account manager” goes on vacation, you are not left in the dark. This is called the iamTack promise.  #collaboration #transparency #communication 

 Tack Media Team

Large Brands & Enterprise

Make a Comeback Let Us Rock 2022

We know that it`s important to have a good Marketing team
behind you.

Connected to your extension digital Team Monday-Friday 9 am-5 pm. We know that it can`t wait until 1-2 days. With 5 minutes response time and 24-hour turnaround on last-minute requests, Tack has got your back!

Zoom call with a marketer in 15 minutes.


We Specialize not Generalize.

From home services to medical practices, we specialize in not just maintaining but scaling businesses to optimal potential.

Proven Experience.

We work in various sectors and niches that require unique knowledge and a proven experience within them. Ask us about our industries today.

Industries & Niches.

We work with franchises, chains, multi-location offices and any organization that requires a cohesive front across the web.
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