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Every day, we see logos – on clothing, on electronics, on websites and social media profiles – and immediately connect them with a brand. Sometimes the connection to the brand and what it stands for is clear, sometimes the design is more abstract. Either way, the logo unmistakably represents the brand no matter what it’s placed on.

Developing a logo to showcase your brand’s mission and personality is a complex undertaking. It isn’t something you want to outsource to any random graphic designer. You need the help of experienced logo design experts like those at Tack Media. 

We know how to assess your brand characteristics, consider current design trends, look at the industry and competitive landscape, and create several logo options for you to choose from.

We’ll then make edits as needed until you have the perfect logo for your brand.

I want my logo to represent
my Brand`s values and mission

I want to stand out with my logo
and to speak to my target audience

I need to choose the right
Color and Typeface Selection

I want my logo to be recognizable

I need a logo in all formats and
colors, so I can use it everywhere

I want to have consistent colors,
logo and Corporate/Brand Identity

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Our professional team of Designers and Brand Managers can help you maintain a well thought out and strategic approach for your logo, so it is recognizable and in line with your Brand voice and Strategy and to help you stand out.

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  • Expert advice:

 Today many companies struggle to do some or all of these things in-house. Fortunately, Tack Media is available to help on a per-project basis, or regularly, as needed. Our team of Designers and Brand Managers will provide expert advices and will create unique logo for your Brand

  • Extension of your marketing teams:

We can step in if you need assistance with a particular design, piece of content, or help develop a full branding strategy, so all elements are connected. Our experienced, cohesive team will work together to produce results and grow your brand.

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