Case study

How FCR Media Ireland automated website QA and improved sales

FCR Media is the largest digital media agency for SMEs in Ireland, producing a high volume of websites with demanding QA requirements.


Boost in sales


reduction in costly re-works (estimated).


Became customers

The challenge

Their QA process was labor-intensive and occurred late in production, meaning that when problems were discovered they required time-consuming reworks to fix. Sales confidence was increasingly limited by the speed of fulfillment. By improving their website QA, FCR Media aimed to remove this limit on their fulfillment process, and thereby increase sales revenue.

A measurable improvement

“If sales does not have confidence in product delivery they will not risk their
relationship with a customer and results will suffer.”

Paul Wood, Chief Marketing Officer, FCR Media

The solution

FCR Media chose the Tackmedia platform to optimize its website QA process. FCR Media’s existing quality control checks were translated into automated checkpoints that Tackmedia could test for. Now anyone could request an automatic QA check of a website within minutes. This put the tool in the hands of the designers to use during the build process, allowing them to learn from and self-correct errors, thereby significantly increasing the speed of production. The technical QA team was re-purposed to focus on website content, helping to product more consistent, higher quality websites.



Tackmedia reports significantly improved the volume and quality of leads delivered to sales.

Faster production – reworks were reduced by approximately 65%. Designers were able to perform QA themselves, providing ongoing learning and reducing overhead.

Increased quality – Time previously spent on manual QA was re-purposed to focus on content, resulting in better websites for customers.

Increased sales – website sales increased 37% (from Q1-Q3 2016 to Q1-Q3 2017). Improving the quality and speed of production resulted in increased sales confidence and revenues.

About FCR Media

FCR Media Ireland is the largest digital media agency for SMEs in Ireland and the owner and publisher of the Golden Pages print and online directory. Offering a full suite of digital products from websites to presence management to 360 virtual tours, FCR Media has been a trusted advisor to SMEs since 1967.

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