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Gain more visibility on searches made directly on Amazon, and grow your business exponentially. We are specialists in the Amazon advertising world and will use advertising-sponsored videos of products, coupons, discounts, and more to make your business thrive in this competitive market place.

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Our portfolio of diverse clients . These include branding, graphic design, website design, website development, multimedia and more.

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Tack Media Amazon Setup

We will create an online Amazon store account for your business, designed to maximize your product’s sales potential and manage the process of shipments, stock, advertising, product placement, images, descriptions etc.

Tack Media Amazon Mkt

Market your products on Amazon, promoting your brand while reaching out to potential Amazon users and turning them into loyal customers.

Tack Media Amazon Seo

Optimize your Amazon page by being the first one to pop up when people search products on Amazon. Keyword description and outranking competitors is priority.

Tack Media Web Design

Design a store that attracts the right public for your business and transforms searches into sales and then repeat customers.

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Scaling businesses in web, creative, social, lead generation, SEO, SEM, and content development.
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My branding needs to express my core values.

I need good visuals that will set me up for success on all platforms.

My logo isn’t catching people’s attention.

I don’t know where to start with my brand launch.

I need marketing professionals in the development of my brand.

I might need to rebrand, but don’t know where to start.

Ecommerce Website Design and Development Services

Our Ecommerce websites aren't just made to look pretty.
They are made for performance, SEO, visibility, and made to grow online stores and their presences.

SMS Text Messaging Marketing Services

  • Brand Web and Digital Design

Digital design is more than just building a pretty website. Your digital eco-system is your the important lead conversion tool.. It takes careful planning and consideration into choices on navigation, user experience flow, CTA – calls to action, and content strategy.

  • Increasing Sales Through Branding

We are in the business of assisting our clients win more
business. Whether it’s through lead generation, brand awareness
campaigns, or closing deals, we’ll apply our creative services
to move the needle.

  • Customer Engagement and Retention

We are in the business of assisting our clients to win more business. Whether it’s through lead generation, brand awareness campaigns, or closing deals, we’ll apply our creative services to move the needle.



As a boutique online digital marketing agency in Los Angeles, we ensure that our work sets the foundation for growth for clients.
  • SEO efforts have produced significant success, pushing presence to the first page of search results and generating prominent leads. Availability, motivation, and efficiency continue to make for a prosperous and vigorous relationship, while guidance around marketing proves indispensable.

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We are a boutique digital branding and marketing agency in Los Angeles; we are nimble and versatile.
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Tack Media FEATURED in the Press: 2018

Recently featured in a series of 2018 publications in clutch.co, prnewswire.com, ABC's crossroadstoday.com, fit small business, Cision, NBC news, for a recent news pieces in their publications. Tack Media works to contribute to industry news and practices and is the go-to source for many leaders in industry.

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Our online digital marketing services can help you maintain a well thought out and strategic approach that is adaptable, budget conscious, and also encourages increased engagement from your potential customers.
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