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Every business wants to be discovered on the top page of google. This way more clients discover the services they are looking for We use Pay-Per-Click, also known as AdWords, to help you find your way to the top of google’s search rankings. With adwords management, this can be possible if setup correctly.


Services We offer:

AdWords/PPC Services

  • Develop keyword list: We pick the top performing keywords tailored to your business.
  • Recommend bids for each keyword: We set the optimal keywords that will perform the best.
  • Manage keyword positioning: We will continuously optimize a campaign to get you more quality clicks and higher conversions.
  • Develop ad lines: We will create ad copy that is compelling and will help get traffic to your landing pages.
  • Landing Page Creation: We will create landing pages that will get the phones ringing on your end.
  • Monitor and make campaign changes per resulting metrics


What you get:

• Marketing strategy and assessment
• Up to 15 ads written for you.
• A spreadsheet of 100-500 suggested campaign keywords based on competitive and industry research.
• Full campaign set up, management and optimization
• Monthly performance report.
• Login and 24/7 access to your account via a Gmail address

Ultimate Goal:

Get you found in the top searched phrases in google
More traffic to your website
Highly targeted leads and traffic
Inquries for your product or services
A report that shows how you are doing


Who do we support

Small Businesses
Local Businesses
Enterprise businesses
Any website that needs to be discovered


Giving Back to Communities With Client Partners 

We work with other community businesses to give back  and ensure that we are contributing to local communities as a local Business. We work with Mens Fashion Brands, Womens Fashion BrandsLos Angeles Indian RestaurantsMortgage Companies in LAVegan Luxury Designer Bag, Vehicle Registration Renewal Services in CaliforniaOnline Ethical Fashion MagazinesSewing Machine Repair in Los Angeles and Executive Coaching Companies , Urgent Care in Los Angeles, Medical Billing Companies, to ensure we are working together to give back to local communities.

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