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Thinks Integrated

Our Digital Marketing Agency in Los Angeles is a fully integrated marketing machine. We know how to tie in tools and resources that work well together.

Drive Results Without The Wait

Tack Media is an integrated marketing agency that leads with well-thought-out strategies to ensure all of your marketing efforts work together cohesively. We are marketers that lead with strategy, data and insight – and follow through with compelling, results-focused execution. A partner who understands complex tech-ecosystems, products and services and translates them into enhancing our clients’ brand messaging.

Tack Media Is Driven By Marketers, Not Sales People

Get a Live Audit on Your First Call. No Appointment.

100% Customer Satisfaction

We guarantee that all of our customers will receive a minimum of 30 qualified leads within the first 30 days when we work together. If you haven’t received the 30 lead minimum, we offer a 30-day results guarantee. We take care of lead generation so you can focus on your business and what you do best!

We offer a 100% leads back guaranteed or we will credit you for the upcoming month until your first 3o leads are received, meaning you never lose! Give us 30 days, we’ll give you the best in lead generation results.

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We Have a No-Nonsense Sales Person Policy

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We Have a No-Nonsense Sales Person Policy
Tack Media is one of the top lead generation marketing agencies- specializing in creating meaningful leaders that deliver results. Our lead generation experts manage specific campaigns to discover and quality customer information, or leads, for businesses. We provide a completely hands-on experience, partnering with our customers and offering them the best online digital marketing agency experience on the market. We don’t just provide a service to our customers, we become a true part of your organization, ensuring that our customers are receiving only the best in digital marketing and lead generation. We are here to drive strategy, create a digital presence, and support you in your business’s journey. You provide the vision, we’ll provide the talent.

Ask to Speak to a Project Manager

We Have a No-Nonsense Sales Person Policy

No Pushy Sales People, No Gatekeepers.  Speak to Our Front Line Marketers to Learn What Tack Can Do For Your Organization.

What Some of our Clients have to Say

How Can Tack Grow My Business?

No Matter What Industry You Are in, Tack Has Proven Case Studies That Will Demonstrate a Clear Path To Success


What We Do:

  • Identify the decision maker.
  • Our experts make verified contacts in target market, regardless of business, industry or position-up to 3,000 contacts per month.
  • LinkedIn Automation Marketing: we contact your target market in reply mail blast.
  • Create strategy and deploy proven successful email campaign.
  • Reply emails are sent from partner program and appear as though you personally emailed your contact. Emails from your contact will be delivered straight to your inbox.
  • One monthly marketing call for updates to campaign.
  • 24/7 campaign management

What You’ll Receive:

  • Contacts reply directly to your inbox.
  • Complete contacts list mined.


What We Do:

  • Lead Generation by Facebook marketing funnel strategy.
  • Competitive research for market domination and customer outreach
  • Exclusive Facebook Audience Targeting Research
  • Implementation and tracking of Facebook ad campaigns
  • Ad copy creation, creating a cohesive voice and message for your brand
  • Monthly marketing call for updates to ad campaigns
  • 24/7 campaign management

What You’ll Receive:

  • Targeted leads directly responding to your service or product in your inbox

Marketing Services : SEO Rankings

We specialize in SEO, Search Engine Optimization. PPC, Paid Adwords Marketing, and FB and Social Media Paid and Organic Marketing.

Video Explainers

Video explainers produced, planned and created.

Type of Lead Generation & E-Commerce

We specialize in E-commerce, Lead Generation SEO, Search Engine Optimization. PPC, Paid Adwords Marketing, and Facebook and Social Media Paid and Content Marketing.


  • Appointment booked directly on your calendar
  • Email and calendar notifications
  • Verbal notification of meeting or call


    Customer reply to email, LinkedIn or Facebook messages, engaging in positive conversation.

  • Our Campaign manage and/or director of marketing will notify you of engagement with customer
  • You will offer response to customer through email or LinkedIn message


    Customer opts into lead capture
  • Client clicks on link to booking
  • You’ll receive a notification by email with customer contact information


  • Customer accepts LinkedIn connect
  • You’ll be able to freely contact customer


Contact Information mined from Tack Media


Landing page clicks (for Facebook campaigns)

Tack is of the most effective agencies when it comes to delivering from the first day. We have multiple locations we're rolling out and we needed strategies. Even before working with them, they went above and beyond to illustrate the next 6 months of their roll-out ensuring they knew exactly what we needed. No-nonsense kind of team, very responsive.
Dave Larson

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We Have a No-Sales Person Policy

Some of our Clients

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You won't talk to a 'SALES' person... Talk to a project manager and ask them specific questions on how Tack can make a difference on your first call.

What Type of Businesses do we work with?

No Matter What Stage You Are in, Tack Media Will Help Improve Your Online Presence to Meet Your Goals
enterprise marketing services

Large Brands & Established Company Marketing

Ask to Speak to a Marketing Manager

We Have a No-Sales Person Policy

What Makes us Unique Digital Marketing Agency?

We are a boutique digital marketing agency in Los Angeles; we are nimble and versatile. We stay connected and work as a team with your business.
Increased Productivity
Overhead Saved
Web Properties Managed
Verticals Served

Tack Media FEATURED in the Press: 2019

Recently featured in a series of 2018 publications in clutch.co, prnewswire.com, ABC's crossroadstoday.com, fit small business, Cision, NBC news, for a recent news pieces in their publications. Tack Media works to contribute to industry news and practices and is the go-to source for many leaders in industry.

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Our online digital marketing services can help you maintain a well thought out and strategic approach that is adaptable, budget conscious, and encourages increased engagement from your potential customers.