A white label is, in the simplest terms, a copy of the merchant’s website with their branding removed. And that is where the term ‘white label’ comes from – the branding (or labelling) is removed. It can be made to look like any brand you want it to.

With some of these websites you will actually be able to add your own logo or branding to customise them, but all of the product information, ordering and returns and everything else involved with managing the site, its catalogue and its orders are handled by the merchant.

The problem with white labelling

However, the feature that makes it so easy for anyone to run can also be the biggest draw back. Your website is near enough identical to every other white label website that uses that merchant’s system. So, how do you optimise it?

That depends on you and your niche. You can instead produce a parallel website (maybe from a datafeed), and display on that the basic product information. If the product feed can be updated automatically daily, then you can probably display prices and just link into the white label site at a later point.

Optimising your website

But what if that is beyond you? Well you can still create a few simple pages on your own website, provide basic details about what is on offer and link to the relevant ordering page on your white label website. If you keep the look similar people might not even notice the jump between websites! But sometimes you have to be careful with this, for example with financial websites, because the information displayed has to be carefully checked.

The duplicate content problem

Why is a duplicate website a problem? Well it depends on how you are promoting it. If you are using paid advertising, social networking and so on then it is likely that a duplicate website is not a problem and you can just use the white label website as it is provided.

However, for those wanting search engine visitors your content has to be sufficiently different to convince the search engines to send traffic to you. So a parallel website with unique content can give you a good head start. You then just need to start looking at your optimisation in terms of links in.

So a white label website is just a copy of a website with the branding removed, ready for affiliates to start promoting and building traffic to. Simple!


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