Animation is quite a common term when it comes to website designing. With the development of technology animation has evolved to a great extent from hand drawings to the most popular forms of the computer that is 2D and 3D animation. It refers to the animated graphics used to create cartoons, movies, games and websites. For building an exclusive and amazing website it is imperative to hire a good web designing company who are specialized in graphic designing.

Today advanced software is used for complex and specialized designs and the designers should have proper understanding regarding the steps of graphic website designing so as to attain the intended results. The software provides various features that help the beginners to make an initial start with the website designing program. 2d and 3d animations have revolutionized the entire animation industry and its popularity and importance have been recognized by both the internet world and the entertainment sector.

Differences between 2D and 3D designs

Animation is popularly categorized into two chief categories that is 2D and 3D and basically these two differ on the grounds of dimensions. These animation tools help to communicate faster and portray complex ideas into virtual reality. 2D animation tools are widely used for designing a website and the designers require great artistic skills to develop an amazing creation. In 2D animation, everything appears in a 2 dimensional platform and the pictures appear to be flat without any depth, offering only one perspective. Object that are created here are usually without the soft shadows that appear in real life and the colors that are used do not have a varying shade. But till today many web pages are created using 2D designs. In 3D animation the objects appear in a 3 dimension platform and they have a depth and offer multiple perspectives. They have shadows; reflections that are observed in real life appear to more practical and lively.

To create powerful animated objects, the web designers have to be astute in various fields like creating characters, soundtrack, the story board etc. with the advent of the computer everything has become very easy as a wide range of animation software are available in the market. They play a big role in website designing when it comes to creating attractive games and other objects and to become an expert at 2D processes, one has to be familiar with Flash. This particular software helps you to compose the images and animate them the way you want and once it is complete, the format can be released on the internet. 3D software has features that provides views from different dimensions and has the ability to visualize the movements and create flawless images. Objects that are created using this technique create a lasting impression on the viewers.


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