A good and successful website will have a carefully thought out and planned design that will take into account many different aspects. A key aspect of any Website Design is the target audience. The people who will be using the website must be at the forefront of influencing factors when planning and constructing any Web Design.

The age of the audience is one important factor when considering the Web Design. This will have important implications for not only the aesthetics of the website but also the functional layout. Websites aimed at young children will generally be more colourful, often with a cartoon type style that is also quite simple and easy to use with bolder type faces and shorter sections of text. Designs aimed at predominantly the older user may also wish to have a simpler layout and easy to use functions, although the graphical imaging will likely be plainer or a more professional look than that aimed at children. Audiences that fall in between these two age range will often be more proficient with using the Web and other factors may be more important in terms of the Web Design.

The proficiency of the user to in using websites and the internet will also be a factor. A website that has an audience which is not that proficient in using the internet will need a more simple structure, function and therefore Web Design. If the website requires this audience to use more advanced facilities then a progression will need to be planned out to help their audience develop the skills needed to use the site. An audience with more extensive knowledge of the internet and in using websites will not only be able to use greater functionality, but may also expect and demand it. The Design must therefore take this into account, while a website that caters for both proficient and non-proficient users will have to balance carefully the technical features of the for both audiences.

Familiarity of the audience with the subject matter of the site will not only have an effect on the content but also of the Web Design of the site. More familiar users will often be looking for different information and features than those who are not familiar with the subject matter, and the layout and design structure will need to be different for the two different types of audience. For sites who will have both ‘beginner and ‘advanced’ users will need to have a Design that is clear and simple to understand for beginner users but also has more advanced material that is easily accessible for advanced users.

Rage of audience will also be an important factor in a Website Design. Though many websites will have quite a narrow target audience, many will have multiple audiences that will use the site. The number of different audiences often depends on the purpose of the site and the range of information and services it has to offer. Websites with a narrow audience will usually only require a single Web Design, however larger, more diverse or larger sites with multi-functions and a large range of information may require different Designs for different sections that are specifically adapted to the target audience for that section but maintaining the identity of the website and company.


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