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The colors that your website design features have a large bearing on your overall success. Your online business needs all the help it can get, and selecting appropriate color choices for your site is a great way to get started down the path to profitability.

Here are 3 fantastic tips to use when choosing the colors for your website design:

1. Draw from experience. When in doubt for what colors you should choose, draw from your experience as a user of the Internet to figure out what makes sense. Surely you have visited a website before only to end up immediately turned off because of poor color and website design. Think about what appeals to you when you’re a browser rather than the owner of an online business and then apply those factors to your own website design.

2. Keep choices simple. The colors that you choose for your online business should be simple, without too many different selections. If you have 20 different main colors, one for background and each for different headlines and one for links and on down the line, your page is going to look like one giant, contrasting and illegible rainbow. Limit your choices of colors to just a few main selections and keep your selections simple rather than outlandish.

3. Test to see what works best. Once you’ve selected the colors you will use in your website design don’t be afraid to test out different selections to see what works best. You can create a few simple A/B conversion tests to see what colors visitors respond to better. Alternatively, you can quickly poll friends, family members and colleagues to see what they like the best.

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