How to Deliver Digital Products to Your Clients

If you’ve realized just how profitable e-products, like e-books, e-courses and other items can be, chances are you’re exited about getting your own business off the ground. You probably have fantastic ideas about what to create, and even how to market it. Of course, the tricky part comes in when you consider how to deliver your products to your clients without doing a lot of work. Here are three great options you could consider:

Downloads Downloads are a popular choice for delivering e-products to clients, mainly because it’s so simple. As soon as you receive payment, you send your client an email, with the link to your site, where they can download your product.

Of course, you will want to implement some kind of security system, since it would be easy for them to share the link with their friends, thereby making your product accessible to people who haven’t paid! Speak to your web designer about security options, for example passwords, and you should be able to get around that though.


If you have a smaller product, sending it by email, as an attachment, is a great option. This allows you to control who receives it, and when. Email can be quite costly however, so unless you have an uncapped broadband connection, this might work out quite expensive!


The last option is to make up CD’s or DVD’s of the product, and ship them direct to your customer. This is a bit more costly though, since you’ll need to account for the cost of the disk, and the shipping, in your price. Making up disks is however, easier than ever, and with a light scribe DVD writer, you can make professional looking disks at home.

Whichever option you choose to deliver your products to your clients, make sure you make it as user friendly and easy as possible for your clients. Also, make sure that the product you are selling is high quality, and good value, and you’ll end up with more referral clients, making selling a whole lot easier!


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