Ever walked out of a shop because the layout is not so appealing? Ever picked up an item because the packing takes your breath away? Ever decided to go through a piece of writing because the pictures captivate your mind?

We all know how that feels. Latest technology, quality content, updated posts, credibility are all some of the key elements of a good website. What makes it stand out from all the others is the elaborate and user friendly web design.

So, how do we stand out with so many talented competitors around? Let’s have a look at some of the valuable ways to improve your web design.

1. Choice of The Right Colors

Who pays attention to colors? Every one! You would be surprised the roles colors play in your life, without you being consciously aware of it. It springs out your emotions and attitudes so the right choice is vital. While men and women both prefer a different set of colors, a blend of both for appropriate uses is the key to achieving a good web design. The common connotations that each color represents also need to be kept in mind. While black adds a feel of luxury, bright colors would be ideal for the call to action. It is safest to stay to the grey base tones and then adding life by several other colors.

2. Make it Simple to Navigate

You might have fallen victim to the extremely hard to navigate websites. What comes next? You exit. The content must be excellent, but what good is it if it doesn’t click well? The necessary tabs should be laid out in clarity while the additional ones can be appropriately stylized. Since we are a generation of smart phone users, it would be useless to make a web page without it being mobile friendly.

3. Keep Them Sidebar Free!

You need to keep your aim clear. Are you trying to get your users hooked to your content or keep them distracted to the sidebars? Makes it clear why you need to retire them soon. It may not work out that well for you, but it is worth a try. If your goal is to keep users focused on the content, you must set the side bars free.

4. You Can Do Without Social Media!

Surprised? It seems like the century of social media. You log on to a website and all that holds your attention are those social media icons. Is that why you invested so much of your efforts in the content? Certainly not! If you must attach them, keep them at the footer.

5. The Hunt For the Right Images

The search engines are packed with them but the pick of the right one is an art itself. Ever heard that a picture speaks a thousand words? It may be a piece of cake to embed them, but you must watch out for appropriate ones!


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