In the competitive world of Internet marketing, the once conventional wisdom of “tried and true” has given way to innovation and specialization. The concept of the “niche website” was born of this desire for specialization for Internet profit.

A “niche website” is one that is designed with a very specific and narrow target market in mind. The type of information that it contains is carefully produced to draw in viewers who are motivated by their interest in the subject to purchase a product or products related to the topic of the site.

Consider this example. A dog owner with a large piece of property wants to keep his dog from wandering too far from home. However, he doesn’t want to contain his entire property within a fence and likes the idea of his dog having lots of space to roam. He decides to investigate the idea of installing an invisible dog fence by doing an Internet search.

A web developer who wants to target this customer would create a website around the keywords “invisible dog fences”. He would fill it with articles about different types of invisible dog fences, how to install them, the advantages of them over a regular fence, etc.

He would choose an affiliate product or products related to this topic, most likely a specific invisible dog fence. Of course, visitors to the site are already motivated by their desire to purchase this particular item.

If visitors find what they read on the site to be informative and trustworthy, they will be likely to purchase the advertised affiliate product. In turn, the website’s owner receives a commission for the sale.

The website owner can also make a profit by signing up to run web ads, such as Google AdSense. The ad program will automatically place ads on the site which are related to the content of the site. Whenever a visitor clicks on one of the links, the site owner makes money.

To create a niche website, you should start by investigating the web market. You can choose to market just about any product, but it helps to consult with a keyword consultant first.

Such a service can provide you with hard statistics regarding how frequently any given keyword is searched on the Internet. It can also give you data regarding how much web competition there is for a particular keyword(s). Such information can be very valuable when choosing a niche that is specific and also has few existing sites competing for the same motivated viewers.

You should also research products related to any niches that you might be considering. There isn’t much point (or much profit) in creating a niche website if you can’t find any quality products to market.

Once you’ve hit on a winning combination of strong keywords and a quality affiliate product, creating a niche website involves choosing the right forum. Choosing a host that provides you with ready-made web page templates is fairly economical. If you have some computer tech savvy, you can build your website yourself and save hundreds of dollars.

If this is out of your realm of expertise, you can hire someone to do this for you. Doing so with a good template is still far cheaper than having someone design a site from scratch for you.

Another option is to create a free website on a blog forum, such as WordPress or Blogspot. It helps to have a bit of tech savvy for this. However, learning from scratch takes only a few hours. Taking this route is absolutely free and involves little to no ongoing cost on your part to maintain the site itself.

Either route you choose, your maintenance costs should be relatively minimal. If you choose a quality affiliate product, then you’ll easily recoup your monthly investment and make a profit besides. Running ads can boost your income and help to offset your maintenance costs. Chances are, you’ll find that the niche website market is both a lucrative and rewarding one.


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