Possession of the website for an online business is an unquestionable requirement today and the business-society have comprehended this issue positively. A wise investment on the e-commerce infrastructure is crucial to meet the business requests and the competition today. In addition, investment on the development cost should not be an unsolvable issue for a new firm to gain remarkable entry into the online business sector.

A sound knowledge on open source technologies would definitely make anyone to pick a PHP application framework which supports customization such as interactive product search, on-line order tracking, customer analytics, and so on. Thus, any business person would love to get in touch with a Zend framework development company.

Zend Framework forms the ultimate choice owing to various reasons. A few of them are listed below.

  • Supports the databases like Oracle, MySQL, SQLite, PostGreSQL, and so forth
  • Gives more control over the design of the application and its inbuilt rich library facilitates the development of a dynamic website.
  • Gives extraordinary components viz., session administration, authentication, mail, formats and core infrastructure for the development of rich web applications.
  • Exceptionally secluded MVC outline that permits re-utilization of codes and their simple maintenance.
  • It is easy to hire a developer, as there are various competitive companies providing Zend development services.
  • It focuses on building a secure and reliable web application
  • Produces web applications for online business in regional languages facilitating a noteworthy introduction to worldwide and neighborhood markets.
  • Gives high level of versatility so that future extension of the website can be effectively done as per changing business needs.
  • Networks easily with PHP 5.
  • It is developer friendly and easy to learn.

Furthermore, the companies offer testing of the developed application as an integral part of the application development prior to delivery. The developers generally write test scripts before writing the code for a particular function. As it is a test-driven development, it facilitates the developer to refactor his code and look for all probable use-cases for the code. PHP Zend application testing is widely used today owing to its easy maintenance. It defines expectations and describes the behaviours identified by the application.

Truly speaking, Zend is a boon for the enthusiastic business owners to leverage the power of the web and thereby intend to provide reliable information, instant access to the customers. It forms the modern technology platform which is easy to scale and has adaptable development options, optimal performance at affordable prices.

Apart from e-commerce solutions, Zend framework could be extensively used for developing an online community portal, ticket-booking systems, blog sites, and so forth.

However, before hiring a Zend developer, it is better to confirm with them regarding their services as mentioned below.

  • Communication with the developers
  • Transparency in development process
  • Reporting frequency
  • Field expertise in advanced PHP frameworks and supporting technologies
  • Quality network and zero downtime
  • Cost-effective services

The above-mentioned points may serve as the guidelines for any business firm to emerge out with an outstanding website.


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