As Internet marketers, we all get caught up in the rat race of creating one ebook package after another. It seems as if once the latest and greatest of our creations comes off the assembly line, we’re looking to create another one. But have you ever sat down to think about the alternative. What am I talking about? I’m talking about creating a service instead of a product. If you haven’t given it much thought then this article might just give you some incentive. Believe it or not, you DO have a choice.

The first question that needs to be answered is if there are any advantages to selling services over products? To answer that, we need to examine what goes into each one. As with anything else in life, there is no such thing as utopia. Both will have their good and bad points. What the marketer needs to decide for himself is which of those good and bad points are the deal breakers. Only he or she can do that. I’m simply going to provide the facts.

With products, you create the product and promote it and that’s it. In most cases, especially with ebooks, there is no support involved. The customer buys the product and uses it. Plain and simple and most likely you’ll never see or hear from that person again. So support issues are almost non existent, unless you’re selling software. Then you could have some user issues.

However, with products, they’re a one shot deal. Once the person buys your product, unless it’s a consumable one, he has no need to buy it again. The income you’ve earned is a one time income and in order to earn additional income, you have to find more customers. Sometimes, with products, this isn’t easy to do as the market begins to get saturated. When that happens, you have to create more products. Most Internet marketing products have a shelf life of about three months to a year, if that.

With services, it’s a completely different story. If a person subscribes to your service and finds that it provides him with a solution to a problem, then there is a very good chance that he will continue to use that service for a long time, thus a recurring income that you don’t get with a product.

The problem with services is that they can be, and most times are, a support nightmare. The more people you have using your service, the more support you have to give. As time goes on, many service based businesses can no longer run without a full blown support staff, which means more expense for the owner.

So as you can see, both models have their good and bad. However, if you’ve been pumping out one product after another and you’re finding that it’s hard to keep that income flowing, you might want to consider starting a service based business.

Certainly it’s something to consider.

To YOUR Success,

Steven Wagenheim


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