Whether you are a business professional or a regular, everyday internet user, you have undoubtedly felt the reach of online marketing. Because today’s competitive business environment mandates an online presence, companies and business managers alike understand that in order to reach their customers where they are, it is essential that the same attention that is given to traditional advertising mediums be given to online marketing strategies as well.

SEO, PPC, backlink and CTR are terms familiar to most business professionals, however, a plethora of online marketing terms and strategies may be equally unfamiliar to them. One such term is interactive marketing.

Interactive marketing relies on customers providing everything from direct feedback to simply making an inquiry. That data is then used by marketers to produce a more relevant and personalized message that follows customers rather than leads them. As a result, advertising becomes a full-of-life process that steers a company’s advertising efforts, and provides a more engaging experience for their customers.

According to a survey conducted by ExpoTv, 55% of consumers stated that they preferred an ongoing dialogue with their brands of choice. Moreover, of that fifty-five percent, 60% revealed that they regularly tell ten or more people about the products they like; while a third tell twenty or more people. Such responses can be extremely beneficial to a company’s bottom line.

Image a customer visiting your site for the first time. As they make their way through the products and services you offer, they are led down the precise route necessary for them to finalize their purchase – with all of the needed accessories – while having all of their questions answered along the way. This would make for an unforgettable experience that is likely to have them return. And according to the ExpoTv survey, they will tell a few friends, who in turn visit your site and have the same experience; all of whom will tell a few friends. As you can see, this has the potential to grow your business exponentially over a relatively short period.

This form of marketing moves a company’s advertising efforts from transaction-based to a conversation; a customer specific conversation, whereby a company interacts with its customers individually. The result of this two-way interaction can provide a company vital, real-time data that can be used to adjust campaigns to fit a customer’s specific needs and desires.

An excellent example of a company utilizing the power of interactive marketing is Amazon.com. As customers search for items, their choices are recorded, and then used to display their recent inquiry, as well as a list of recommended products tailored to match their preference.

“Angie’s List Answers” is online classified giant Angie’s List’s version of interactive marketing. By allowing visitors to ask home improvement and health questions, get answers from service companies, health providers and consumers directly and view ratings and reviews on companies in their local area, Angie’s List has increased its popularity, and positioned itself as a trusted authority.

Other organizations who have implemented this form of advertising with great success are Edmunds.com, General Mills and Adobe, to name a few. These big dogs have learned the benefits of interactive marketing, and taken full advantage of it.

The power of the internet to reach every industrialized corner of the world can open doors well beyond the imagination. The overwhelming vastness of products and services available at a fingertip make it imperative that business owners and management professionals find a way to make their site’s stand out from all the others.

Nevertheless, they need not worry.

By offering quality content, quality service and a quality product, coupled with an engaging and satisfying customer experience, the world will find them.


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