When we talk about a social network, especially if we relate it to the virtual scenario, it is usually a website where people can connect with everyone. Social networking marketing sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace and Twitter are becoming the talk of the town, particularly to the marketers, since they can benefit by interacting with potential customers through the site tools and features, like groups and fan pages. There are many possibilities and challenges waiting in the world of social networking. Each user within their individual sites has their own opportunities in the commercial actions.

The pedigree of online social networking can be traced back to the 1980s bulletin board systems. The system will permit the user to log in and then share information, software, and data. It can also allow sending private messages and posting message boards in public settings. Most of the sending and posting processes was done in local communities.

Then desktop applications became famous during the ’80s and ’90s., There were some features that were far more developed than bulletin board systems. These systems let users connect to the internet and make profiles, do chats, post events and send private or public messages. When the social networking marketing became web-based applications since the World Wide Web became so popular, it worked with certain purposes and audiences. During the ’90s, different networking sites were created and became popular sites with their own niches. Then in 1999, there were different launches of more targeted networks.

Not until 2002 when the start of the modern period of social networking arises, and Friendster was launched. It was originally a dating site that does not want to be doing dating. It became the biggest mistake in financing history since the site rejected millions of dollars buyout offered by Google. Then the time of another networking site emerges during 2003 when so many employees in a marketing company were sued because of malicious spyware applications. It actually duplicated the main functionalities of Friendster. This networking site became MySpace. It became the leading online social networking marketing site because of its features. Its user profiles have customizable functionalities and it focuses more on music, which is most people love it especially the young ones. It also had high quality image compared with its rival.

After a year, a certain networking site was launched as an exclusive site for Harvard students. Then from time to time it was allowed to be joined by other colleges and high schools. And finally, by 2006, it officially runs as long as you sign it up with email address. Until 2008, the site overtook the position of other leading sites and became the most popular social networking marketing site ever. Social networking marketing is an inexpensive way to market your business and inform prospective customers about the products and services you are marketing. All you need to build your network is to, add and follow friends with the same interests you have or even those who have other interests but which you think can benefit from your business.


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