A website is considered to be a part of the most important tools in advertising today. The majority of business companies pay a lot of money for the maintenance of their site and for an effective design. The Internet is accessible to a great number of people in the world, and it is most influential to the younger generation, the business sector, the government, and the geeks. Having or maintaining a website for them is a must in order to make communication and information dissemination easier.

There are different types of design according to the purpose of the website. The purpose of this is to make or generate the best use of the existing web technologies to create an attractive, eye catching website that is effective and user friendly.

Because there are a number of websites that convey different purpose, there are different types of design that features different kinds of contents according to what website you are doing. There are also different designs according to their page layouts.

One type of web design is called the static web design. This design is a simple website design which is cheaper to create among the others. This kind of web design is most beneficial to a small enterprise, or to a company looking to expand their business in the web. Static web design is written in in plain simple HTML. If you need to make any changes or updates to the website, you need to go to the code and do the required changes. So, if you do not know anything about HTML codes, and you have this kind of website, you may need the help of a web designer.

A dynamic web design on the other hand is different from the static web design because it is written using a server-side scripting language such as PHP, ASP, and JSP. The content of the website is dependent on the scripting language from a database. Dynamic pages can change dynamically. They can change their content based on what the user does. Dynamic web designs changes information automatically if the information stored in the database changes. When a user changes some content or information in the website, all that needs to be updated is the database.

Website layouts are also available when you design a website. A layout is the structure or the form of your website. The layout depends on whether your web site is dynamic or static. An example of a web design layout is the symmetrical layout. In this layout, all the elements or contents of the website are centered or aligned to a particular side of the website. The purpose of this website is to form balance or symmetry.

Whether your web design is static, dynamic, or layout base, you have to remember the very purpose why you are having that website. The success on your website does not just depend on your design; it also depends on your content, the usability of the website, and how texts and images work and blend together to form a comprehensive and effective website.


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