This is the beginning in a multi part suite of articles about creating a great looking web site with just a little coin. The intended audience for this essay is web developers with some experience (or maybe you know someone with technical ability), and you want to build up some sort of internet existence on a budget.

To make this report simple I am going to be using a company called godaddy.com for the domain registration and hosting. While this dissertation isn’t supposed to be a exact endorsement of godaddy, I have been happy with their packages and using them allows me to put up some real dollar figures.

Choosing a domain name.

This may very well be the hardest some of starting your internet site. There are a couple of angles we should look at.

– Are you trying to promote your product or products?

– Will you be attempting to get good search engine rankings?

– Are you trying to convey an idea?

Chances will you be are trying to do part of all three. Just keep in mind this, if you have no visitors, your brand name and idea are just about of no use. Endeavor to get a appropriate evenness, but mind to select a domain name with some keywords that you are attempting to address in your SEO (search engine optimization). If you are unaware of SEO, you can find lots of information and mis-information on the net about it. Some of my later papers will touch on this, so depending on when you are reading this you may want to try one of the internet sites listed in the author resource box for further clarification.

Is your domain name not already taken?

Ok, you’ve got an idea for the domain name, but is it obtainable? Go to http://www.godaddy.com and do a domain name lookup. The better part hosting and registration services have this ability and it will be easy to find on their home page. There is no charge for seeing if your domain name is procurable. If it is, then it’s time to buy, if not, most larger services (like godaddy) have alternative suggestions. Occasionally they get it right, but the majority of of the time you’d be better off to come up with another idea. Mind, do not rush on this one, it is a cruicial consideration.

Buying your domain name

Have a visa or mastercard? Then you’re almost complete. Just follow the on screen directions, be sure to take your time filling out the information, I have heard stories of webmasters who’ve had their domains closed down due to incorrect information (bad phone #, address or e-mail). About the e-mail address specifically, make sure it’s one you’re going to have for a long time. I pretty near lost the initial domain I registered as the renewal request was delivered to an e-mail address that I no longer check.

What add ons are worth while?

During the course of paying for your domain, godaddy will ask you “do you want fries with that?” Or the web equivalent anyway. They will bombard you with a loads of options, all of which can be purchased later. Also, at this time the only one you might want consider is internet hosting. I myself chose the deluxe internet hosting package (on linux) which was %5.59/month for a period of two years. It has given me generous space and solid bandwidth. Along with that, allowed me to access MySQL databases, Java and PHP all of which were pivotal to my plans. Also, the web (http) portion of the server is from apache, which I have some prior knowledge of and a large number of online guides are designed for.

Godaddy also allows me to set up many 10MB e-mail ids for me to use. So, if you’re wondering what you should add at this time, the internet hosting is recommended.

There you go, you’ve purchased a domain and some hosting. You’ve taken the first move to having a web presence. Your next step will be getting your site ready for conent…but that my friends is another article.

For extra information on setting up an internet site with just a little coin, go to my web sites in the author resource box.


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