Customer and Technical Support

Technical and Customer Support

There are constant changes that need to be done to a website,  questions that arise and modifications to be made. Our customer service and technical support team is available 7 days a week to ensure your website continues functioning with  fast response times and advanced ticketing system. Our technical support reps have extensive knowledge of all aspects of web and will support you with any questions and requests.

Senior Project Managers

Online MarketingProject Manager

Our senior project managers will guide you through the process from the initial point to the completion of your project. Our managers are well experienced in internet marketing, web development, design and all internet standards and  practices. They will follow up with you regularly and notify you of timelines, updates and requirements needed to further progress of your campaign. Instead of dealing with multiple departments, you will deal with one project manager that will always communicate with our inner design, development, marketing and social media team and keep you updated on your progress without loss of communication.

SEO/SEM Managers


Our SEO and SEM managers construct and manage your organic and paid search engine efforts. We’ll ensure that paid search efforts are targeted and tailored to each client’s budget and advantage. We manage the strategy and progress of the campaigns and optimize them regularly for maximum return. Our paid search engine marketing staff will ensure that your site receives targeted traffic directly to your website. Our organic search engine optimization involves a long-term effort which yields organic rankings and involves a combination of content writing, link building, social media efforts, press releases and article submissions.

Web and Mobile Developers

Web Developers

Our web developers play a core part in our operation given they are in charge of development, management and coding applications that determine the overall success and functionality of a website. Our developers are well-versed in all forms of coding languages specializing in PHP and open source development. Tack Media developers also specialize in mobile and E-Commerce presences. Every website that is built is optimized to be Search Engine Friendly, lightweight and fast-loading ensuring our client’s web presence can grow along with their business.


Flash Team, Video Editors & Special FX Animations

Flash and Video Team

Many Flash development require animation and creativity. With growing demand in businesses online is more social media friendly and richer multimedia. Tack Media has a strong ability to bring our client’s visions to life with videos, special effects, animations and promotional videos no matter what the need. We not only deal with all major industries, we have project managers who thoroughly understand industries themselves and the needs of our clients.


Social Media & Public Relations Team

Social Media Employee

Social media determines your brands voice online. With a proper following in social media, your brand can have an ability to receive real-time feedback from its audiences. With social media development and public relations efforts, your brands reputation online will be well-managed and ensured to succeed. With a following in outlets like Facebook, your brand or business can have the opportunity to consistently market directly to any audience that is relevant to your presence.


Creative & Branding Graphic Designers

Branding and Identity Team

Our creative team and designers are play an important role in our client’s efforts in establishing a credible presence online.The development and strategy that is compiled can determine the perception of your brand’s reputation online. Our creative team takes the time to learn your goal and develop visually rich and aesthetically pleasing graphics that will propel your company’s success.


E-Commerce Development & Management

E-Commerce Management Team

Aside from developing a comprehensive E-Commerce website that will be aesthetically appealing and richly developed, having a successfully managed E-Commerce presence is crucial in the long-term success and longevity of a company. We manage many E-Commerce presences including analytics, traffic generation, landing page optimization, graphic design of content, content writing, social media audience development and hosting management of entire E-Commerce presences.

Hosting & Maintenance Team

Creative Team

Many businesses do not have the in-house resources of a technical staff to manage the technical aspects of their sites. Tack Media ensures that the hosting and maintenance are fully managed including regularly conducted backups, updates and technical resolutions.